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Tue Nov 13 2018

What's On

The three best sources of information about what is happening in Southwick are:

1. The Village Newsletter on our website

2. The Southwick Residence Association Facebook page:

3, The What's On in Southwick page of the Southwick page of the Sports and Social club

4.  The Save Our Southwick action group which like your Parish Council is working to stop unsustainable development in our    village.  save our Southwick

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The minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of the 14th August have been approved. Draft minutes of the September Ordinary meeting have been published on the Parish Council page.


The October edition of Southwick Village News is now available on the Newsletter webpage


The Agenda for the Setpember meeting of Southwick Parish Council has been posted on the Parish Council webpage

Southwick Village Plan

The minutes of the 22nd May meeting of the Southwick Steering Group have been published on the Neighbourhood Plan webpage.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

Steering group minutes for the 14th June 2018 meeting have been published.

How to report problems to Wiltshire Council ?

These are just some of the issues or problems you can report to Wiltshire Council using My Wiltshire:

  • ·Highways & Street Scene issues
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  • · Trading Standards
  • · Car park
  • · Weather
  • · Fly Tipping·Grass, Hedges,  Shrubs & Tree issues   
  • · Public Rights of Way
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  • · Street Lighting  
  • · Unauthorised Encampments
  • · Emergencies
  • · Abandoned Vehicles

Visit this link to report problems online to Wiltshire Council, or download the App !

Crime warning

There has been a spate of break-ins and attempted break-ins. Please ensure that your sheds and outbuildings are secure at all times

For all non emergency calls to the police phone 101

The telephone company will determine where the call is being made from and direct the caller to the local police for that area. For further information visit: Police UK

This works anywhere in the UK. If you are phoning outside of Wiltshire to report to your local police call 2012 your call will be redirected by the operator to your local police.

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News and Articles


Housing Needs Survey

As the next stage of pulling together Southwick’s Neighbourhood Plan, with the support of Wiltshire Council, the Steering Committee are promoting a Housing Needs Survey.

Starting from Monday 13th November, Survey forms and reply paid envelopes will be gradually distributed to all homes in Southwick.

The forms are relatively straight forward to complete and a reply paid envelop will be provided to send the completed forms back direct to Wiltshire Council.

We are also planning to hold Saturday morning clinics starting Saturday 18th Nov at the Baptist Church Hall, aimed at providing assistance with completing the Survey Forms.

Completed Housing Needs Survey forms will need to be completed and returned to Wiltshire Council in the reply paid envelopes provided by Monday 11th December 2017.

Please Note:  By way of reassurance, completion of the Survey Form is completely voluntary and if you wish to fill one in, this can be done with complete anonymity i.e. You don't have to provide name and address details.

The reply paid envelope is provided to ensure data protection requirements are maintained.

Kind regards

Southwick NDP Steering Committee

housing survey poster

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Southwick’s Neighbourhood Plan Progress Report.

We are now making some very real progress with this community lead initiative.

Currently we are pulling together all the factual information required to produce an evidence based Neighbourhood Plan for Southwick.

In addition, a professional consultant who specialises in Neighbourhood Planning has been appointed. As a result, we now have a detailed plan that will take us all the way through the process to facilitate production of a Neighbourhood Plan

We have also formed a Steering Committee, comprised of Parish Council Members and Members of the Community.  

The immediate focus of the Steering Committee is to complete all Scoping Research, progress with Community Engagement and undertake a comprehensive Housing Needs Survey.

But please see below, a more detailed summary of progress to-date:

  • Neighbourhood Designated Area approved, May 2016.
  • Steering Committee initiated, June 2017.
  • Grant Funding approved Sept 2017.
  • Professional Consultant recruited, Oct 2017.
  • Scoping Research and Community Engagement underway, Oct 2017.

Immediate Next Steps

  • Progress and complete Scoping Research and Community Engagement. Oct-Dec 2017
  • Initiate Landscape Gap Study. Oct 2017
  • Initiate Housing Needs Survey. Nov 2017

Clearly, there are a lot of interesting activities going on and much work still to do.

If you would like to get involved and be part of Southwick’s Neighbourhood Planning, the Steering Committee would be more than happy to hear from you. Please see below contact details should you wish to contribute in some way.

Kind regards

Cllr John Eaton, Chair Southwick Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee.


Grants from our Community Benefit Fund

Applications for funding from Southwick Parish Council

Do you

  • or a group of friends have an idea of a project to improve things for people living in Southwick but lack the necessary funding?
  • or do you belong to an organisation that needs funding support?


Following on from protracted negotiations with developers during the planning processes for Solar Farms in Southwick your Parish Council reached contractual  agreements that mean we are now receiving “community benefit funds” to be used by the Parish Council “as it sees fit, as long as the use of funds is to the benefit of residents”.

This year we have received £1,000 from the Bradley Road Solar Farm.


We therefore welcome applications both from Southwick Village and others providing Southwick Residents will benefit. 

We have decided to fund an appropriate number of applications under £500

All applications will be considered on their merits by the Parish Council.  Our wish is that any  grant is used as “capital funds” to create an ongoing lasting impact or legacy.  We do not wish to support/subsidize normal running expenses.

Funds not allocated this year will be carried forward to next year's round of applications.  Applications must be received by the Parish Clerk by 31st October.2017

Please note that any grants awarded must be claimed by the 31st August.2018

Application forms are to be found on the home page of Southwick Parish Council or are available from the Parish Council Clerk.

Download form: Grant-form.pdf


A letter from Community Policing Team Inspector Andy Fee on the 101 system:

There has been a significant shift in the way we manage our demand within the Police Service. The Community Policing Model recognises that the Police service is being asked to do more with less and helps to address this fact by resolving the problem at the first point of contract, whilst assessing the Threat, Harm and Risk associated with the contact without necessarily tasking an officer to attend in the first instance.  The adage they work to in our Communication Centre is to get it right first time.  Consequently, by doing more initially, this has seen an increase in waiting times for people to be answered.  There are several factors that need to be considered here.

The first point is that under the CPT Model, calls for immediate help have seen an improvement.  If calls were answered quicker and pushed through the system, this would not be the case.  I hope this point is accepted as being the right stance.

The second point is that we have gone through, and continue to go through, a significant recruitment phase for many roles within the CPT.  Police Officers, PCSO, Local Crime Investigators and Prisoner Transport Team members have all been recruited.  Where do we find people with the right skills to do these roles?  One area is our Communication Centre.  These are members of Police Staff who have been trained in aspects of law and have good communication skills.  It is not surprising that they then wish to use their training and continue to develop.  Consequently recruitment and retention of staff is a significant factor, however to reassure you our Communication Centre Leadership team have a well-established rolling recruitment programme in place.




From: Ryan Wilkie
Sent: 08 March 2017 14:10

Subject: Proposed Planning Application on land off Wynsome Street, Southwick

Good afternoon Ms Noble

As chairman of Southwick Parish Council, we would be obliged if you could circulate to your Councillor’s the attached letter the electronic copy of Consultation Leaflet which is due to be distributed shortly.

We would like to draw your attention to the request for a private meeting between ourselves and a number of representatives from the Parish Council and will look forward to hearing from you to arrange the said meeting.

Kind regards,

Ryan Wilkie


From: Kath Noble
Sent: 08 March 2017 19:02
To: Ryan Wilkie
Subject: RE: Proposed Planning Application on land off Wynsome Street, Southwick

Southwick Parish Council does not hold private meetings.  You may attend

our monthly meeting, the next one is Tuesday 21st March at 7.30pm.  If you

wish to attend please let me know.

Regards Kath Noble

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From: Robert Black
Sent: 15 March 2017 16:41

c.c. Kevin Waters; Ryan Wilkie
Subject: Proposed Planning Application on land off Wynsome Street, Southwick

Good afternoon

Further to you email to my colleague, Mr. Wilkie, last week I would like to take this opportunity to respond as follows:

We appreciate the invitation to the Parish Council Meeting next Tuesday (21st March) and we note that you do not hold private meetings. We have found that a private meeting with members of the Parish Council is a more productive environment for us to put across the details of the proposed scheme and for the Parish Council to provide feedback rather than in an open forum and to that end we will not be taking up your offer.

That being said we would still be very interested in any comments that the Parish Council may have in respect of the proposed scheme.

Kind regards

R. Black

Project Manager




Do you have the initiative, commitment, dedication and some free time to become a Parish Councillor in order to support and carry out the wishes of the majority of Southwick parishioners? If you have, now is the time to apply and submit your nomination as a candidate before the nomination closing date of 4 April 2017.

There are 11 Parish Councillor seats to be contested. Full details may be found on the Wiltshire Council web site at:

Nomination forms may be obtained from the Electoral Services Team, Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8JN from the Returning Officer who will, at the request of an elector for any electoral area prepare a nomination paper for signature.

Nomination papers must be delivered by hand to the ‘Electoral Services Nomination Desk’ at any of the following designated Wiltshire Council Offices:

County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, BA14 8JN

Monkton Park, Chippenham, SN15 1ER

Crossmolina Buildings, Snuff Street, Devizes SN10 1FG

Fiver Rivers Health & Wellbeing Centre, Hulse Road, Salisbury SP1 3NR

Delivery of Nomination papers can take place on any day between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday but no later than 4pm on Tuesday, 4th April 2017.

If the election is contested, because there are more than 11 nominations for the 11 seats, then the poll will take place on Thursday, 4th May 2017.

Good Luck!

Southwick Parish Council's response to Wiltshire Council regarding the Redrow Homes Outline Planning Planning Application 16/12279/OUT 


This document expresses the concern of Southwick Parish Council and many of its Parishioners to the proposed large housing development of residential homes applied for by Redrow Homes on the Land to the South of Blind Lane.

This application specifically requires SPC to comment only on the content of this application which covers up to 100 new homes. However, SPC urges WC to take account of the possibility that this application is only the first phase of further applications which are likely to follow, either from Redrow Homes, or other developers, if this application proceeds to the next stage of approval.

  1. This extract was taken from Wiltshire Core Strategy Adopted January 2015:

“It is recognised that the villages surrounding Trowbridge, particularly Hilperton, Southwick, North Bradley and West Ashton, have separate and distinct identities as villages. Open countryside should be maintained to protect the character and identity of these villages as separate communities.”

  1. This extract was taken from Appendix 6 of Housing Land Supply Statement base date April 2016:

Housing already provided for


Indicative requirement 2006-2026

Completions 2006-2016


Developable commitments 2016-2026

Indicative remaining requirement






Trowbridge CA remainder





  1. Recently, WC has rejected applications for the following reason/s:

“Having regard to all the submissions and relevant policies, including the policies of the NPPF taken as a whole, and mindful of the nominal 5-year housing land supply shortfall, this application is considered to be an inappropriate, unsustainable form of development which would have an adverse impact on the character and appearance of the area and highway impacts cumulatively would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefit of providing additional dwellings in an open countryside location and the provision of employment created through construction processes. As such the proposal is not considered to represent sustainable development being contrary to CP1, CP2, CP51, CP57, CP60, and CP61 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy 2015 and the policies of the NPPF taken as a whole.”

  1. For these three reasons stated above, WC should reject this application. Southwick should not be the focus of large scale housing developments like this one which is wholly out of scale and a disproportionate addition to the existing village.
  1. SPC considers that the planning process used by WC does not take account of warning prospective developers, at the earliest opportunity, that they are wasting time and effort in pursuing an application which clearly will not succeed. However, this is outside the scope of this response, and SPC will write to WC separately on this subject.

The application includes a number of statements which either contain incorrect facts, or appear misleading.

  1. Post Office. There is no post office in Southwick. A postal facility is available for one day a week for two hours in the village hall.
  2. Railway. There is no rail station in Southwick. One has to drive into Trowbridge.
  3. Healthcare. There are no doctors’ surgeries or dentist or healthcare in Southwick. The nearest are in Trowbridge.
  4. Public House.  There is only one public house in Southwick.
  5. The applicant states that no houses have been built in Southwick in the last decade; in fact over a hundred houses have been built on suitable sites. This includes the 55 homes which have been built on the old Mowlem factory site.
  6. The application quotes ”local convenience store and newsagents and other local retail”; there is one shop (which also sells newspapers) and two takeaways.  There is no other local retail.
  1. Redrow Homes Village Consultation

The application stated that Redrow Homes will carry out a full consultation with all village residents. To SPC’s knowledge this has not happened. A post drop with some information was made just prior to Christmas 2016 to around 400 homes in the near vicinity of Blind Lane. But there are some 850-900 homes in Southwick and they all need to be consulted on this application.

  1. School Places.

The primary school capacity is believed to be around 202 students with spare capacity around 5 or 6 places. This has only been achieved with the installation of external cabins. The addition of children from another 100 or more homes will undoubtedly more than fill this one school and lead to very high pupil/teacher ratio unless additional capacity is provided. But where?

  1. Work Opportunities

There are very few work opportunities in Southwick. Developers should build in a large town which has both work opportunities and supporting infrastructure already in place to support such a large housing development.

  1. Bus Service.

In the application Public Transport is identified as being “good or sufficient to support amongst other things commuting to and from work”. However, in reality Southwick has a very poor bus service which hardly covers normal daytime employment, let alone shift pattern working, unusual work hours or Saturday/Sunday working. No buses run on a Sunday.

  1. Flooding.

A main concern of SPC and Parishioners is the risk of flooding, not only on the proposed site but consequential flooding, i.e. if measures are put into place to minimise flooding on this development site, there could be an adverse impact on neighbouring areas. (See Appendix 1 taken from the Environmental Agency’s web site which shows high risk flooding areas near to this site). SPC strongly suggests that an Escrow type fund is put into place so that any flooding or consequential flooding due to the development will compensate villagers experiencing damage from such flooding, also taking into account that heavy vehicles using Blind Lane or Wesley Lane as access to the site could cause underground damage to drains and guttering.

  1. Drainage and Sewage

It is understood that the drains and sewers of Southwick are old and when installed were designed for a village. Hence WC must ensure that additional/replacement pipework will readily cater for this application and more, taking into account the uncertainty that other applications are highly likely to follow this one if it is approved. It would also ensure that  disruption to Parishioners in the area would only occur once.

  1. Electricity and Gas

SPC has not studied the provision of additional electricity (sub-station) and gas (pipework) resources needed for this application, and futures ones, but obviously this does need to be considered and taken into account at an early stage.

  1. Traffic Recording on Blind Lane

SPC believes that the traffic counting exercise carried out on Blind Lane was inadequate and did not capture all access points for traffic using Hollisway, Blind Lane, Southfields, Wesley Lane, Lamberts March, etc. SPC requests that WC review the traffic counting measures used for this application and ensures that they are repeated to capture all traffic, especially when the Primary School is open, so that a full picture is established.

  1. Heavy Traffic through the Village.

SPC is already concerned about the constant flow of heavy vehicles travelling through Southwick, bearing in mind that Wynsome Street (C234) is a ‘C’ road and not an ‘A’ road’.

If this application is approved, it can only exacerbate the number of heavy lorries which would be travelling through Southwick to access the development site.

  1. Site Access.

There are already severe traffic issues on the narrow Blind Lane due to residents parking and school run drop-offs and pickups and the fact that Blind Lane is often used as a ‘short cut’ between Wynsome Street and Frome Road as well as between Frome road and Bradley road, especially when the traffic is heavy on the main roads or there is  accident/roadwork delays on the main road. Construction traffic should not be allowed along Blind Lane from Wynsome Street to service the development site. SPC considers that there should be NO access points to the development site on Blind Lane but that one or two access points should be on Wesley Lane. There are various alternative options, including the possibility of a Southwick bypass going from Dunkirk Business Park to Bradley. SPC considers that, if the application is approved, the best way to resolve this is to hold tri-party discussion between WC, SPC and Redrow Homes.


Southwick, defined by WC as a Category C small town/village, wants to remain Category C. SPC and Parishioners do not object to, and have supported, appropriate, sustainable, developments such as infill houses within the village boundaries. SPC would also support the provision of appropriate additional facilities such the building of another school, some extra small shops, a dentist or a doctor’s surgery. But SPC does not support this application.

The Clerk

Southwick Parish Council

For and on behalf of Southwick Parish Council

Approved by its Chairman Cllr. K. Noble

Signed by the Chairman: …………Mrs. K. Noble………………………………….

Dated: ……………21/2/2017…………………………………

Statement made by the Chair of the Parish Council at the start of the last Ordinary Meeting of Southwick Parish Council held on Tuesday 17th January 2017.

Chairman’s Special Announcement

Before the Open Forum starts it is important for me to say a few words about the purpose of this Parish Council meeting tonight because you may have been drawn to attend this meeting by some misleading information.

This is a normal monthly Parish Council meeting routinely set up by law to enable the Parish Council to carry out its lawful business as detailed on the Agenda.

It is NOT a Planning Meeting at which we can devote all the time hearing Parishioners views and reasoned arguments about development applications.

You will hear later in the meeting under item 14d that there will be such a Planning Meeting devoted to hearing the views of all Parishioners about the Redrow Homes Outline Planning Application delivered to us by Wiltshire Council on 12 January 2017.

I apologise if any of you thought that this was a Planning Meeting, but it was not of our doing.

The Parish Council also wishes to point out that it is NOT the duty of a Parish Council to STOP any or all planning applications. A Parish Council’s duty is to seek out the wishes of the majority of Parishioners, particularly for possibly contentious planning applications, as well as ensuring that the application makes sense, is sustainable to the Parish, and that the Parish Council comments passed back to Wiltshire Council about the application would satisfy the majority of Parishioners.

The Parish Council in this respect has a difficult task to do as it will NOT be able to please everyone, but we do need to hear your views with reasoned arguments regarding potentially contentious applications, and the Parish Meeting is one of the places where we can do this.

We appreciate that there is not a great deal of time set by Wiltshire Council to respond to this Redrow application and we have already requested from the Senior Planning Officer for an extension of the Consultation Expiry Date to 28th February and I can confirm that the Planning Officer has agreed to this request.

As tonight’s Agenda includes a lot of Parish Council Business, I will be restricting the Open Forum to 15 minutes as per the Agenda, but I would urge all of you to write to the Clerk as soon as possible if you have strong views about the Redrow application stating your reasoned argument for those views, as well as making those views and arguments known to Wiltshire Council.

Can I also draw your attention to the Wiltshire Council web site where there is a page devoted to “How do I comment on planning applications?” This page contains two important sections about what issues will be considered, and what will not be considered. Significantly,  you cannot bring matters that are not material to the application such as ‘loss of value’ and ‘loss of view’ as these are outside the boundaries of the planning process and are more civil matters between parties. There is also a link to the online system where you can post your comments.

Thank you for listening and I now adjourn the Parish Council Meeting to start the Open Forum for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Two Significant Dates

Wiltshire Council will close submissions to the Shlaa map in mid December 2016 and will report in mid January 2017 on any changes that they propose to make to the existing map.

Wiltshire Council has a statutory duty to consult The Parish Council and we currently have an adopted policy of not wishing to see any large housing development within our Village.

Unfortunately Planning Inspectors have recently within West Wilts granted permissions to build on green field sites because Wiltshire Council has not been able or willing at Public Enquiries to demonstrate that it has a five year housing land supply plan.

However you can be assured that we will continue to be vigilant and will work with others like "Save Our Southwick" to stop large scale housing developments encircling our village.


A Map of SHLAA Sites in Southwick produced by WC

Since consultation started your Parish Council has opposed and continues to oppose large scale development within the Village.  Full details of our responses have been regularly reported in our minutes (available on this website) over the last few years.

"The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) provides information on a range of potential housing sites and gives an indication of how dwelling requirements could potentially be met.
This evidence will be used to inform the Local Development Framework (LDF) Core Strategy and Site Allocation Development Plan Documents and Neighbourhood Plans.
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments are expected to be updated as part of the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) process." (WC Website.)   Map


Community Benefit Fund

Applications for funding from Southwick Parish Council

Do you

  • or a group of friends have an idea of a project to improve things for people living in Southwick but lack the necessary funding?
  • or do you belong to an organisation that needs funding support?


Following on from protracted negotiations with developers during the planning processes for Solar Farms in Southwick your Parish Council reached contractual  agreements that mean we are now receiving “community benefit funds” to be used by the Parish Council “as it sees fit, as long as the use of funds is to the benefit of residents”.


We therefore welcome applications both from Southwick Village and others providing Southwick Residents will benefit.  This year we have received £20,000 from the Bradley Road solar farm but in future years will receive £1,000 per year.

Therefore in this first year we have decided to fund:

  • one application up to £10,000
  • one application up to £3,000
  • an appropriate number of applications under £1,000

All applications will be considered on their merits by the Parish Council.  Our wish is that any  grant is used as “capital funds” to create an ongoing lasting impact or legacy.  We do not wish to support/subsidize normal running expenses.

Funds not allocated this year will be carried forward to next year's round of applications.  Applications must be received by the Parish Clerk by 31.10.2016

Application forms are to be found on the home page of Southwick Parish Council

Grant form are available from the Parish Council Clerk.

House proposals in Southwick

An  extract from the DRAFT Minutes of the meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Southwick at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 19 April 2016

1217e.         Councillors noted that there had been very strong representations from the public in respect of possible housing development s by Redrow Homes in the village during the Public Open Forum and that the public were opposed to such developments. 

The Chairman stated that the Parish Council had informed Wiltshire Council, in response to a recent consultation, that ‘Southwick Parish Council is against any further development and does not support any of the proposed SHLAA sites’.

Planning Matters

'A Developer/Agent had requested a confidential meeting with the Parish Council to discuss possible housing development in Southwick. The reply to the developer was thus:

It is contrary to the public interest to hold such a meeting and, if held, could attract unwelcome criticism of the Parish Council.
A Parish Council meeting must be open to the public and the public can only be excluded by a resolution if publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business. The Parish Council does not believe that discussion of a possible housing development in the Parish falls into this latter category – terms of tenders, preparation of cases in legal proceedings are examples where the public interest could be prejudiced and the need for confidentiality to be protected.
The Parish Council could also be prejudiced at such a meeting by offering a view when the public has not had an opportunity to comment and no planning application has been submitted.
In view of the above the Parish Council will not arrange a confidential meeting with you.'

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Website updates

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Welcome to the official Southwick Parish Council community website.

Southwick is a village two miles south west of Trowbridge in Wiltshire. The primary purpose of our website is to provide Parish Council information.  Its secondary function is to provide a community website on which organisations and individuals can share news and advertise events.

  Village organisations and individuals may post items of interest to villagers on either the Noticeboard or the News/Articles column.News items that include photos will be posted in the middle column.

Items sent to the Editor are usually posted within a few hours  Initially please contact the website Editor using the Contact Button Subsequently you will be able to email your electronic contributions, as an attachment, direct to the Editor.

 If your organisation, under the Community Button, would like a link to its own website or to its own page on our website please contact the Chair of the Parish Council using the Contact Button.

The cost to the Parish Council for the design and setting up this website was £346.  In addition to this there is small annual contingent management fee.

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