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DRAFT Minutes of the Southwick Parish Council meeting held in the Village Hall, Southwick on

Tuesday 18th April, 2018 at 7.35pm.

Councillors present – Cllr. D. Jackson (Chairman), Cllr. S. Carey, Cllr. J. Eaton, Cllr. F. Morland,

Cllr. K. Noble, Cllr. E. Pomeroy, Cllr. L. Weeks.

Wiltshire Councillor – Cllr. H. Prickett.

13 members of the public were present.


Two questions from Mrs. Eaton.

1. Would it not be prudent and advantageous for those members familiar with Neighbourhood

Planning to serve on the steering group?

2. What is Cllr. Morland’s interest serving on Southwick Parish Council?  Cllr. Carey answered

this question.

 Breach Lane stile – Dog poo bags – about 30 bags deposited.  W.C. Dog Warden.

Request for a public meeting.

1592 Welcome & Introductions.

The Chairman welcomed those present and opened the Meeting.

1593 Apologies.

The Chairman informed the Meeting of the resignation of Cllr. Joan Jones as of Monday

16th April, 2018.

P.C.S.O. Melissa Glover.  Nicola Duke.

1594 Declarations of Interest.

Cllr. Noble declared an interest in Item 9 Finance.

1595 Minutes.

The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 20th February were signed.

The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 20th March, 2018 – Cllr. Morland

stated that the Steering group had not provided adequate data to the Parish Council

regarding the Neighbourhood Plan and Site Survey reports.

Parish Clerk – Cllr. Noble re-confirmed that Nicola Duke  may be formally employed after

acting as locum for three months.  Minute 1589.

The Minutes of the 20th March 2018 were signed as a true record.

Motion to adjourn


1596 Wiltshire Council Report.

Cllr. Prickett reported – Air quality – monitoring of the site(s) is to take place.

Entrance to Hoggington Lane/Arnold Noad Corner/l00 Frome Road. Culverts had not

been attended to for many years, who has responsibility for the feltings.

Traffic conditions at Southfields – no road markings. It was resolved to write to

Cllr. Prickett  at C.A.T.G. in support with a copy to Kirsty Rose.

100 Frome Road issued with a enforcement notice.

Daniel Tyrell be requested to look into the Poplar Tree Lane traveller site.

Motion to re-convene.

1597 Community Policing Team.

Report received by Councillors on line.

1598 Highways/Environment.

School trees- The Playing Field Committee in hand.

Gateway – Damaged at 6am on Sunday 15th April, 2018.Police Reference 20180415 -0074.

Hollis Way – hedge cuttings to be removed – Parish Steward.

1599 Planning.

a)  New applications

      18/03173/FUL – Doric Engineering- Erection of 2No. New Employment Units (classB1/B8)

      and associated works- land North West of Dunkirk Business Park, Frome Road.  It was

      resolved to object as this would require removal of the “bund”.

      18/02723/FUL – 40A Frome Road – Proposal to either renovate or demolish and rebuild

      existing bungalow, including adding a rear extension and loft conversion to create a four

      bedroom home.  It was resolved to support this application.

      18/02202/FUL – Mr. J. Bower, Whitehaven, Hoggington Lane – Provision of 2 Velux windows

      to front elevation and replace 2 Velux windows on rear elevation with dormer window.  It was

      resolved to support this application.

b)  Decisions.

     17/11825/CLE – Fairfield Farm – Certificate of Lawfulness – Refused.

1600 Finance.

Copy of the Business Account, as prepared by the Internal Auditor, given to Councillors. It was

suggested we employ the services or a firm of accountants to bring the accounts up to date.

To review and authorise the following payments.

Cheque No. 001544 – Doveton Press £365.00 -Southwick Village News

Cheque No.001545 – W.J. Fox - £64.69 – Honorarium and expenses

Cheque No. 001546 – Southwick Village Hall £40.00 - Room Hire

Cheque No. 001547-  G.A. Edwards £26.00 – Website

Cheque No. 001548 -  Mrs. K. Noble £32.00 – Secretarial expenses.

Cheque No. 001549 -  Groundwork U.K.£221.50 – Underspend of Grant for Neighbourhood Planning.

It was resolved to pay all accounts.

1601 Neighbourhood Planning.

Site Survey Report – Document distributed to all Councillors.

Agreement  requested from the Parish Council to move forward with the community Consultation Process and questionnaire.  All in favour.

1602 Casual Vacancy.

  To date no applications received by the Clerk.

   Clerk to advise Electorial Services of the resignation of Cllr. Jones.

1603 Members Reports

Litter/Dog Bins – Prices to be obtained.

Wesley Lane – Debris left by  Parish Steward – request road sweeper.

Hoggington Lane – In hand.

Cllr. Carey – Village Caretaker – contractual obligations- one employee Mrs J. West. Agenda

item for May meeting.

Meeting closed 9.29pm.

Signed                                                     Chairperson.

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