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                                                           SOUTHWICK PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of the meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Southwick at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18th April 2017.

Councillors present: - Cllrs. K Noble (Chairman), D Jackson (Vice Chairman), S Carey, A Doel,

F Morland, E Pomeroy, D West, G. Masters, J Jones (from 7:35pm)

L Karas (Clerk), Patrick Abrahams(Minutes), Wiltshire Councillor H Prickett.

24 members of the public were present initially.


  1. Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman opened the Southwick Parish Council (SPC) meeting at 7.30pm. and welcomed the visitors to the meeting.  She also introduced the new Clerk, Patrick Abrahams, overlapping with the retiring Clerk for the month of April.

  1. Apologies.   None received

Open Forum.

The Chairman noted the presence of residents who had given up their time to attend the meeting. The PC unanimously resolved to hold an Open Forum. The Chairman adjourned the meeting to begin the Open Forum and re-opened the PC meeting at 7.35pm.

  1. Declaration of Interests.

These Councillors declared an interest in the planning applications as detailed:

Cllr. G. Master   17/01551/CLE - Silver Street Farm, Southwick

Cllr. D. Jackson 17/03269/OUT -  Gladman Developments Ltd

Cllr. A. Doel       16/12279/OUT – Redrow Homes

  1. Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 21 March 2017

The PC resolved that the minutes of 21st March 2017 meeting were a true and accurate record and the Chairman signed the minutes.

  1. Community Policing Team (CPT).

The Clerk read through the local Crime reports extracted from the CPT Report received for April 2017 (From PCSO Ellie Porter)

Anti-Social Behaviour

  • 16/03, Hollis Way- Unknown suspect has kicked the Injured Party’s (IP's) door causing no damage but leaving a boot mark that will need to be wiped off.

Vehicle related incidents

  • 20/03, Frome Road- 3 vehicle Road Traffic Collision (RTC)
  • 23/03, Poplar Tree Lane- Vehicle 1 pulled out onto busy road and was struck by vehicle 2.
  • 31/03, Chantry gardens- Two vehicle minor RTC.


  • 14/04, Frome Road- Unknown suspect has stolen a garden heater from the IP's garden.
  • 06/04, Chantry Gardens- An unknown suspect has taken the RP's Amazon delivery that was left down the side of his house. A BBQ costing £299.99.

Arson and criminal damage

  • 24/03-25/03, Hoggington Lane- Suspects have lit bonfires in the hedgerow between victim’s house and country park and pulled victims fencing down that keep her horses in.
  • 25/03, Wynsome Street- Victim reporting that sometime over the weekend her oil tank has been damaged by an unknown suspect. The tank is in her garden and has had a large slit made in it with a knife or bladed article. The cost of the tank is £2500 and a new one is needed, but no oil was taken.
  • 03/04, Frome Road- Unknown suspect has gain entry to the IP's shed by smashing the door open, nothing taken from within.

Non-dwelling burglary

  • 26/09, Frome Road- Reporting Person (RP) reporting that his shed on his allotment has been broken into by an unknown suspect over the last two weeks. A petrol strimmer and a lawn mower have been taken. The cost of the loss is £200. (Date believed to be a typographical error)

Councillor Pomeroy reported that glass bottles had been recently found broken on the playing field.

  1. Wiltshire Council Report.

Cllr. Prickett reported he had received emails regarding environmental equipment being installed on the Lambrok stream by Wynsome Street.  He reported that the only recent installation he found was a new termination box for street lights.  However, Danny Everett (Wiltshire Council) had advised Cllr Prickett that the Environment Agency did report that they were monitoring the flow levels in the stream.

Cllr. Prickett also reported that some rubbish had been fly-tipped in the stream, as well as some cut branches. Cllr Prickett reported that he had requested drainage orders to maintain the stream.

Cllr Jones asked what evidence of wild life Cllr Prickett at the stream – He advised that he had seen evidence of wildlife.

  1. Highways/Environment.
  1. The Chairman provided an update on minute 1357b regarding re-instatement of the mini roundabout markings. Wiltshire County Council have not accepted that new white lines on the roundabout are needed.  Further, four pot-holes had been notified to Wiltshire Highways, and one repaired.
  1. Cllr. Prickett provided an update on minute 1372b regarding the request to Community area transport group (CATG) for a 30mph limit throughout the road section near the Country Park. (Between St Johns Church and the 30 mph limit) The meeting on this has been put back to June 2017.  He reported that there have been eight accidents in the area concerned (five serious) Cllr. Prickett will follow up with Kirsty Rose(Wiltshire Council)
  1. The Clerk reported on minute 1372d regarding the high fence on Furze Hill. The Clerk had written to Paul Whyte and his response was: I have discussed the fence with the owner who is happy to reposition the fence on the highway line. I told him that planning may be required so he is going through planning to establish if he needs permission and obtain consent to reposition it. I am content that he will move the fence once he has planning consent so do not think the cost of enforcement is necessary at this time.

Cllr Prickett confirmed the same situation.

  1. Report from Cllrs. on matters of concern and SPC to decide if any action is needed.

Report from Cllr Carey regarding the stats on Footpath remedial work and outstanding works,

Cllr Carey reported that he was delighted that many issues were dealt with.

Re: Footpath No 4

Cllr Carey had previously  reported to Wiltshire Council  that the path could not be accessed from Bridleway 60 (Axe and Cleaver Lane) as the gate was locked and that the link with path 1 was difficult.

The situation is still the same and we would ask for stiles at each end of the 91 m long path using monies obtained from the Solar Farms in Southwick.

Re Path 47 at Newpool Farm

Cllr Carey Was delighted to say the gate is no longer locked.  However, we still need a sign post opposite it on Bridleway 45, similar to all the other footpaths.

Footpath from School Lane

This footpath is overgrown with brambles and needs clearing.

  1. Community Matters.
  1. SPC noted the email from Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Wiltshire and the Hills Group Best Kept Village Competition requiring a response by 18 April 2017 and decided that no action is needed.
  1. No other matters of Community concern were raised by Councillors..
  1. Finance.
  1. To receive a report from the Clerk on the Financial Statement for March 2017 and end of year Final Statement (Appendix B below).
  1. The Clerk stated that Appendix B of the Agenda shows the March 2017 Financial Statement which exactly reconciles with the March bank statements.
  2. In respect of payments for the new Clerk (PA), the Clerk (LK) stated he had simply inserted a nominal £10 as at the time of compiling the report he had no firm information regarding start date or income tax. The start date has been agreed to be today, 18 March 2017, so the figure for salary will be £322.47 x 13 / 30 =£139.53. Assuming tax at 40% (to be confirmed), the payment to HMRC would be £55.81.
  1. In the year end accounts which the Clerk has sent out (Budget v End of Year Spend 2016/7), and the year end Bank Reconciliation, the accounts and supporting information are currently being assessed by the Internal Auditor and I am visiting her this Thursday for her results. The Clerk reported that the Auditor, in an email received today, stated “Yes it is fine one of my queries is with an amount I don't think you have claimed the VAT but otherwise it is all OK”.
  1. In respect of separating out the Playing Field allocation, the Clerk advised that it may be unstated by £2599.54, which is the sum paid to Zurich Insurance for the Playing Field cover, as it was assumed to be part of the parish Council allocation. The Clerk stated that, if this is agreed by the Auditor, the year end Parish Council funds would stand at the higher figure of £23459.18 whereas the year end Playing Field funds would stand at the lower figure of £6453.35
  1. In respect of Payments to be made, the Clerk pointed out that there was only £221.94 balance in the Current account, so today he has transferred £4000 from the Deposit account into the Current account.

The Clerk reported that the Caretakers fees of £217 submitted by M.West were received after the Financial report was distributed.

  1. The Clerk provided an update on minute 1374a regarding the provision of spend to date against individual budget items. See iii. above. The Clerk asked the PC if they wanted the new Clerk to include this Budget v Spend to date every month as well the normal Monthly Financial Statement.

The SPC requested that the Budget and expenditure to date continue to be reported on by the Clerk monthly.

  1. To review and authorise payment, as necessary, for the single outstanding approved grant application; viz. Plaque for Baptistery £500.  

As the Clerk stated he had received no further information as of today, this matter as deferred to the next meeting

1387.1 Cllr. Morland requested clarification on some items in the financial report, and also was unclear about the separation of the Accounts for the Parish Council, the Playing field and the Village Hall. The SPC  resolved to hold a separate meeting to clarify these points.

  1. SPC to note the annual invoice for managing the website for 2017-2018 from Geoff Edwards of XYZWeb Ltd for £313.78 and agree or otherwise that this service should be continued.

The Clerk stated that, from his experience, the existing service from XYZWeb was excellent, with very speedy updates and competitively priced.

The SPC resolved that the service should be continued, and the service renewed.

  1. To agree all payments to be made, as per the March 2017 Financial Statement.

SPC resolved to make the payments under ‘Accounts due for Payment (Current a/c) in APRIL shown in Appendix B.

  1. The Clerk to provide an update on progress with the Internal Auditor for the 2016/17 Internal Audit.
  1. The Clerk provided an update on minute 1374a concerning the additional VAT claimed back. The Clerk confirmed that he had claimed back a further £ 1299.82 on 31 March 2017 but as of today it has not been received into the Deposit account. There is a further £278 to be claimed back by the new Clerk
  1. The Chairman reported on minute 1374e regarding the Village Hall leasing agreement.

No current update, but item is in hand.

  1. Regarding minute 1374f, SPC to decide if any immediate action is needed for renewing Zurich Insurance prior to its renewal date of 20th May or defer any decision until the newly elected council takes office from 8 May 2017 and holds its first meeting on 16th May 2017.

The Clerk (LK) drew attention to the opportunity to find alternative cheaper quotes to the Zurich Insurance and that the new Clerk was experienced in this area.

The SPC resolved that the Clerk should research competitive quotes for the insurance renewals, and at the same time advise Zurich that the SPC are asking for alternate quotes. Should no competitive quotes be obtained the SPC resolved that quotes for the Parish Council and playing field insurance be renewed on the 20th May 2017.

  1. Planning

The PC to note the status of the following planning applications:


Steven Sims

Fairfield Farm

Fairfield Meadows

Change of use from equestrian tack room to onsite residential accommodation (Part retrospective)


Target changed again to 28 April 2017


Eileen Medlin

Land South of Blind Lane

Redrow Homes Outline Planning – up to 100 Residential Homes


Target still

31 May 2017


Steve Vellance

Mutton Marsh Farm

Agricultural workers dwelling


16/06064/PNCOU *

Manor Farm

APP/Y3940/W/16/3165391. Proposed change of use of existing agricultural building to a single dwelling


Appellant Final Comments by 25 April 2017


Verity Giles

145 Chantry Gardens

Retrospective application for new conservatory to north west elevation




Home Farm House, Hoggington Lane

APP/Y3940/W/16/3167698. Change of use from a disused barn into two holiday cottages.


Appellant Final Comments by 25 April 2017


David Cox

Silver Street Farm, Southwick

Certificate of Lawfulness for Existing conversion of an agricultural building to a dwelling to include garden associated with residential use

Response by 25 April 2017

17/02047/FUL, Katie Yeoman

Oak House, 4 Concord Close

Detached car port

Response by 27 April 2017


David Cox

96 Frome Road

Conversion of ground floor shop to 4 flats (Resubmission of 16/08728/FUL)

Response by 5 May 2017

*  The Clerk asked SPC to note the changed status of the two appeals to the Planning Inspectorate shown above.

17/01551/CLE: Some discussions regarding previous submissions refused, and general comments regarding Certificate of Lawfulness. Cllr  Prickett reported no prior applications were seen when reviewing this application.S

17/02047/FUL: Oak House, Car Port - The SPC resolved to support this application and had no objections to this application.

17/02880/FUL: - Conversion of ground floor shop to 4 flats - Resubmission

The SPC resolved to raise the same objections they raised with the original submission. The vehicle entrance to the whole of the site is to be maintained in good order, the side wall is to be rebuilt and all debris removed from the site.

  1. The PC to decide how to handle any planning applications received after this Agenda was issued. The Clerk reminded SPC that he had distributed notification of the formal Outline application 17/03269/OUT from Gladman – see c below.

Cllr Carey proposed that SPC will apply for an extension 17/03269/OUT from Wiltshire County Council.  Should the extension be granted, then this Application will be reviewed by SPC at the Parish Council Meeting on the 16th May 2017.  Should the extension not be granted, then the SPC will hold an extraordinary SPC Meeting at 7pm on the Tuesday, 2nd May 2017.  This proposal was approved unanimously.

  1. Cllr. Prickett provided an update on minute 1375c regarding the need for planning applications for the Farm Shop. He had not yet received a reply, and will follow-up again.
  1. The Clerk to provide an update against minute 1375d regarding a proposed housing development off Wynsome Road by Gladman. The Clerk reported that he had responded to the Gladman information on 12 April 2017 but had received no response to date.
  1. No other planning related matters raised by SPC Councillors..
  1. Website.

SPC to decide if any items should be removed from or added to the website. The Clerk commented that it might be useful for one of the new Councillors, once in office, to review the web-site and recommend what should be removed to an archive page, or removed completely.

  1. Members Reports.
  1. As there were only 11 nominations for the 11 vacant seats for the SPC election to be held on the 4th May 2017, and the Chairman declared the names of the nominated candidates for SPC  who will all take up office on 8th May 2017.

Stephen David CAREY    Longfield, Frome Road, Southwick, BA149NJ

Guy Ernest CLAYTON     5 Blind Lane, Southwick, BA149PQ

Tracy Jane CURRY         Bramley Cottage, 26 Blind Lane, Southwick, BA149PG

John EATON                    30 Blind Lane, Southwick, BA149PG

Daniel John JACKSON    Mutton Marsh Farm, Southwick, Trowbridge, BA149PE

Joan Collette JONES       28 Blind Lane, Southwick, BA149PG

Francis MORLAND          Dead Maids Close, Chapmanslade, Westbury, BA134AD

Kath NOBLE                     230 Chantry Gardens, Southwick, Trowbridge, BA149QX

Ted POMEROY               14 Hollis Way, Southwick, Trowbridge, BA149PH

Ben SANSOM                  19 Blind Lane, Southwick, Trowbridge, BA149PG

Len WEEKS                      2 Blind Lane, Southwick, Trowbridge, BA149PQ

  1. The Chairman reported on the current status of appointing a new Clerk. The contract of employment has been agreed, and was signed at the meeting by the Chair, and also by the new SPC Clerk - Patrick Abrahams.

Cllr S.Carey led the council in a vote of thanks for the three departing Southwick Parish Councillors who have not put themselves forward for the Council at the next election.

Cllr Carey expressed his thanks to all three Councillors for their extensive service to the Council, with specific mentions for Cllr. David West for his work on Allotments, for Cllr, Tony Doel for his work on the Village Hall, playing field and flooding questions, and for Cllr. Marion Masters for her work on culverts.

  1. Councillors to provide individual reports on any other matters they wish the PC to note/action.
  1. Clerk’s Report.
  1. To invite the Council to note the summary of the Documents Received list from 15 March 2017 to 9 April. (Appendix A)
  1. To invite the Council to note the letter received 6/3/17 from The Pensions Regulator entitled ‘Get ready now: your staging date is 1 May 2017’ which the new Clerk will need to action.

Patrick Abrahams reported that the SPC appear to be an employer who doesn’t have to provide a pension scheme, but still has duties with regards to automatic enrollment.  The Contact for the SPC was proposed to be the Clerk. We will need to review that our responsibilities are unchanged on the staging date, and review and report our compliance on the 1st October 2017.

The Council approved this approach.

  1. To invite the Council to note any other matter that needs to be brought to its attention.
  1. The Clerk drew SPC attention to the Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust letter and supporting News Letter. He would pass it onto the new Clerk to keep in case any member of the new Parish Council wished to know more about them.

ii The Clerk thanked those members of the current Parish Council who had given him their support and hoped that with the introduction of the new members as from 8 May 2017 the Parish Council members would work together well to serve the needs of the majority of Southwick parishioners. He wished the new Clerk every success in his new role.

The Chair thanked Leon for his contribution to the Parish Council.

The PC noted the date of the next Ordinary PC meeting: 16th May 2017at 7.30pm. Note that the Annual Parish Meeting will start at 7pm on 16th May 2017.

The Chairman closed the meeting at approximately 8.40pm.

Chairman - Southwick Parish Council



N.B. Full listing (spreadsheet) is available on request to the Clerk.

Text Box: Note that from the 10th to the 18th April, 21 further items have been received by the Clerk.

Prior month was 118 items


from 15th March 2017 to 9th April 2017





Chairman's/Clerk's work



Code of Conduct






Community Policing Team



Elections & Vacancies



Electoral Register



External Audits






Freedom of Information



Highways/Stewards work






Internal Audits



Invoices to be paid



Marketing Letters



Meeting Agenda/Minutes






Neighbourhood Plans






Operational Flood WG



Parishioners Questions



Planning Applications



Planning App Objections



Register of Interests



Solar Farm Grants



Southwick Village News



Standing Orders



Trowbridge Area Board



WC Parish Newsletter



WC Budget Meetings



Web site



Western Area Planning Committee



West-Weekly Lists










N.B. * indicates a Playing Field entry, ** a Solar Farm entry.


Business Current Account(No. 317648) - Balance as at 01/03/2017



(Account - Statement start/end dates 01/03/2017 - 31/03/2017)


RECEIPTS (Current a/c)



Clerk's Salary(Mar) to pay HMRC







PAYMENTS (Current a/c)


Cheques Presented (Current a/c)





L Karas - Clerk's HMRC (Mth 11)





Doveton Press - INV 392151 SVN





XYZ Web Ltd - INV 0101 Website





BCH Camping & Leisure - Senior Guides Compasses & Tent





L Karas - Clerk's Salary(Mar)





L Karas - Clerk's Expenses (Feb)





L Karas - Clerk's Extra hours(Feb 27.35hrs@£10.53))





L Karas - Clerk's HMRC (Mth 12)





Wiltshire Publications - Chairman's Expenses(Clerks Vacancy adverts)





Kath Noble - Chairman's Expenses(Clerks Vacancy adverts)








Unpresented Cheques (Current a/c)









Business Current Account(No. 317648) - Balance as at 31/03/2017




Accounts due for Payment (Current a/c) in APR




W Fox - Honorarium(1st issue 2017)




W Fox - Stamps




W Fox - Honorarium(2nd issue 2017)




W Fox - Stamps




Village Hall - Room Hire




Doveton Press - INV 393357 SVN




XYZ Web Ltd - Annual Invoice No. 0104




L Karas - Clerk's Expenses (March)




L Karas - Clerk's backpay (Oct-Mar)




L Karas - Clerk's Final Salary(April)




L Karas - Clerk's HMRC (Mth 1)




P Abrahams - New Clerk's Salary (April)




P Abrahams - New Clerk's HMRC (Mth 1)









Business (Savings) Account(No. 7005390) - Balance as at 01/03/2017



(Account - Statement start/end dates 01/03/2017 - 31/03/2017)


RECEIPTS (Savings a/c)











PAYMENTS (Savings a/c)


Cheques Presented (Savings a/c)







Business (Savings) Account(No. 7005390) - Balance as at 31/03/2017




Total Funds held by Southwick Parish Council as at end MAR 2017






Current Status of Funds


To Date


MAR 2017


Parish Council Funds





Payments from Solar Farm Fund **





Play Eqpt S106 *



Playing Field Maint. *



Playing Field Other *



Playing Field Total *











Total VAT paid out as at end MAR 2017




Total VAT reclaimed but not yet received as at end MAR 2017




Total VAT still to be reclaimed as at end MAR 2017




Total VAT reclaimed and received as at end MAR 2017



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