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Chairman – Cllr. K Noble

Minutes of the meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Southwick at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 19 April 2016


Cllr. K Noble             (Chairman)

Cllr. S Carey

Cllr. D Jackson

Cllr. J Jones

Cllr. S Jones

Cllr. G Masters

Cllr. F Morland

Cllr. E Pomeroy

Cllr. D West

Roger Coleman (Clerk)

Wiltshire Council Cllr. H Prickett attended.

There were twenty-one members of the public present initially.

1209.   Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1210    Apologies.

Apologies for non-attendance were received from Cllr. A Doel.

1211.   Declaration of Interests.

There were no interests declared.

1212.   Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 15 March 2016.

The Parish Council resolved that the minutes of this meeting were a true and accurate record.  The Chairman signed the minutes.

1213.   Community Policing Team (NPT).

a.         PCSO Ellie Porter had sent a written report to the Clerk prior to the meeting. The Clerk read out the part of the report relating to ‘local issues’ as shown below, in italics:

Local Crimes


25/03/2016- Southwick Country Park: Unknown suspect has gained entry into a secure vehicle, front driver and passenger windows smashed and a steam mop and SatNav taken.

24/03/2016- Brokerswood Country Park: Unknown suspect has cut through fencing at the location and stolen an electric gate mechanism from inside.

05/04/2016- Hoopers Pool: Unknown persons have entered a secure unit and stolen a speedboat and trailer from within.

Traffic incidents

28/03/2016- Frome Road: One vehicle RTC

05/04/2016- Hollis Way: Parking dispute.

15/04/2016- Wynsome Street: Vehicle 1 collided with Vehicle 2 and failed to stop and exchange details. Due to witnesses, a vehicle and driver have been identified.

22/03/2016- Southwick Country Park: Male tailgated female into car park, and then shouted at female. Enquiries are ongoing.


21/01/2016- Brokerswood: Unknown male has made gestures and sworn at the reporting person.

30/03/2016- Fleur-de-lys drive: Verbal altercation over parking

07/04/2016- Southwick Primary School: During Active Trowbridge activity day, unknown suspect has gained access to the radio channel that the group were using in order to say explicit things over the radio.

17/04/2016- Frome Road: Fly tipping; reporting person has found rubbish dumped in their garden.

This link will allow you to check stats in more detail for your area, and all surrounding areas.

Community Coordinator PC 1140 Hough :

Deputy Sector Head Ps 1801 Louis McCoy :           

Sector Head Insp 2517 Brain :           

The Clerk reported that he had met with Inspector James Brain to discuss Community Policing and the content of the reports to the Parish Council following complaints from a number of Parish Councils, including Southwick Parish Council. The Clerk stated that Wiltshire Police had recognised the need to increase the visibility of members of the Community Police Team (CPT) in communities  and that actions were in place to achieve this improvement with the PCSOs taking a more direct and active role. It was agreed that the value of the reports to Parish Council lay in the detail of local crimes and incidents and this detail can best be accessed via (see above), although it was acknowledged that it was important for the reports to also carry important messages regarding community safety and individual wellbeing.

b.         Cllr. Pomeroy reported that vehicle parking in Frome Road when the Park Run is taking place at Southwick Country Park is causing a major hazard and that it is getting worse. Cllr. Prickett stated that Wiltshire Council and the CATG are acutely aware of the problem and are investigating possible solutions. Cllr. J Jones commented that the Southwick Country Park Management Committee is seeking ways of providing extra car parking within the Country Parks or on nearby land.


1214.   Wiltshire Council Report.

Cllr. Prickett stated that following the extended discussions during the Public Adjournment in relation to possible developments within Southwick and the Strategic Housing Land Allocation Availability (SHLAA) sites and the discussions on vehicle parking at the Park Runs, he had no more to report.

1215.     Highways/Environment.

a.         The Clerk reported that Wiltshire Council had acknowledged that a narrower gate had been fitted in the Gateway Scheme than that originally agreed and that the invoice presented to the Parish Council for its share of the cost had been reduced to £800 from £1000 accordingly.

b.         Cllr. Noble reported that a site meeting had been held with Selwood Housing (Mr Newman) and representatives from Southwick Parish Council (Cllrs. Noble, J Jones, S Jones, Pomeroy) and residents to discuss and examine the car parking arrangements at Hoggington Lane/Arnold Noad Corner and, in particular, to explore the possibility of providing the nine parking places for Selwood Housing tenants for which planning permission had been obtained previously from Wiltshire Council. Cllr. Noble stated that it was a useful meeting and that a response from Selwood Housing is now awaited. Selwood Housing also agreed to investigate whether a street light that had been removed following the private sale of a property at that location could be replaced.

c.         Cllr. West reported that the pavements in Chantry Gardens were in a very poor state and needed urgent attention. He added that he had informed Wiltshire Council but so far no action had been taken.

The Chairman reported that she and Cllr. Pomeroy had attended a ‘Highways Day’ at County Hall at which Wiltshire Council had presented its plans for the future in respect of Highway and Streetscene maintenance. She added that the Parish Steward scheme is to be re-introduced from October 2016. It was reported that Wiltshire Council was intending to spend some £2.5m on litter clearance in the County.

Cllr. Morland commented that the primary concern of Wiltshire Council was to meet its statutory duties only and that he understood that the first six months of the new highways contract that commenced in April was to be a ‘reactive’ period and that no new initiatives were to be undertaken.

Cllr. Masters reported that Druces layby was covered in discarded paper.

Cllr. Carey stated that the Parish Council was still awaiting a response from the CATG regarding the Wynsome Street laybys.

1216.   Finance

a.         The current financial position at 31 March 2016 was reported as follows:


Southwick Parish Council


Business Account (A/C 317648) Balance as at 29 February 2016




(Clerk's Salary February £307.83 paid 29/2/16)













Standing Orders


R P Coleman (March Salary) - Paid 31/3/16 - £307.83






Cheques presented





Clerk's Expenses (February)




HMRC PAYE Month 12




Doveton Press Ltd







Late Presented Cheques









Unpresented Cheques











Balance at 31 March 2016




Accounts due for payment - April 2016




Clerk's Salary (April)



Clerk's Expenses (March)






XYZ Web Ltd (2nd Year)



WC Gateway Scheme



PCLG (West Ashton)



SVN Honorarium






Business 30 Day Account (A/C 7005390) Balance at 29 February 2016






HMRC PAYE (R P Coleman) Month 12




Playing Field Committee





















Balance at 31 March 2016




Total funds held by Southwick Parish Council as at 31 March 2016




b.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Accounts due for payment’ above but excluding the payment of £100 to West Ashton PC (PCLG) but including payments of £2599.54 to Zurich Insurance and £195 to Cllr. Pomeroy for the Football Pitch Marking Invoice that he had already paid from his own resources.

1217.   Planning

a.         The Clerk reported that the current status of extant planning applications was as follows:


Home Farm House

Hoggington Lane

Change of use from a disused barn to two holiday cottages



Land east of The Poplars Residential Park, Poplar Tree Lane

Change of use of land to 4 Gypsy Traveller pitches and associated works including 4 mobile homes, 4 touring caravans, 4 dayrooms, hardstanding, package treatment plant and 2 storage sheds.



Brokerswood Country Park, Brokerswood Road

Change of use to locate 90 holiday lodges, 20 touring units and 10 camping pods together with associated infrastructure and LPG storage area (in place of 89 touring pitches).


Cllr. Carey thanked the councillors who had made representations on behalf of the Parish Council in relation to the refusal of planning application 15/11405/FUL.

b.         The Council examined the following planning applications and resolved to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown (in italics):


The Stables at Eastbrook, Hoopers Pool

Erection of a steel portal framed building for agricultural, equestrian and dog kennelling use (demolition of existing kennels and stables once building work completed).


The Parish Council supports this proposed development.


3A Ireland

The conversion of an existing swimming pool building within the grounds of 3a Ireland to a self contained dwelling with independent access, parking, a garage and a separate garden area.


The Parish Council has no comments.

The Council had observed that planning application was a North Bradley application.

c.         The Clerk reported that he had not received any planning applications after 12 April 2016.

d.         Cllr. Morland explained the background to the Wiltshire Council consultation on Draft Revised Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulation 123 and following a discussion on the implications of the proposed change, the Parish Council resolved to request Wiltshire Council to add Southwick Country Park to the CIL List of specific sites.

e.         Councillors noted that there had been very strong representations from the public in respect of possible housing development s by Redrow Homes in the village during the Public Open Forum and that the public were opposed to such developments. The Chairman stated that the Parish Council had informed Wiltshire Council, in response to a recent consultation, that ‘Southwick Parish Council is against any further development and does not support any of the proposed SHLAA sites’. The Council resolved that it is to confirm that Redrow Homes is to mount a Public Exhibition of any proposed developments and that the Parish Council is to ensure that any such exhibition is well publicised throughout the village.

f.                                                                                                                                                  The were no other planning matters raised.

1218.   Website.

The Parish Council resolved that the exchange of correspondence between Redrow Homes and the Clerk in relation to a possible confidential meeting be added to the website.

1219    Members Reports.

The Chairman stated that the next Parish Council Liaison Group meeting is to be held tomorrow (20 April) at West Ashton.

Cllr. S Jones noted that Wiltshire Council Enforcement Officers are to visit the site at 100 Frome Road on 4 May 2016 to confirm the extent of the ‘clear up’ operation.

Cllr. Pomeroy stated that the HM Queen Birthday Tea is to be held on Saturday 23 April at the Scout HQ because of a ‘double booking’ at the Village Hall. He added that it is anticipated that 60 persons will be present.

Cllr. Pomeroy requested that the process for the co-option of a new member is placed on the Agenda for the next meeting.

There were no other reports.

1220.   Clerk’s Report.

a.         The Clerk stated that he had nothing additional to report.

b.         The Council noted the dates of subsequent meetings:

  • 17 May 2016 - Annual Parish meeting at 7pm.
  • 17 May 2016 - Annual Parish Council meeting at 7.30pm approx. (immediately following the Annual Parish Meeting)
  • 17 May 2016 - Ordinary Parish Council meeting at 8pm approx. (Immediately following the Annual Parish Council meeting)

There was no other business and the meeting concluded at 21.50pm.


Southwick Parish Council        

17 May 2016  

ACTION LIST – Meeting 19 April 2016

Action 1                       Clerk.

Min1216                      To make payments.

Action 2                       Clerk.

Min 1217                     To send planning comments to WC.

Action 3                       Clerk.

Min 1217                     To send CIL Reg. 123 comments to Wiltshire Council.

Action 4                       Cllr. Carey.

Min 1218                     To contact XYZ Web ltd and add Redrow comments.

Details of the Actions are contained in the minutes.

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