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Chairman – Mr Stephen Carey

Minutes of the meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Southwick at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 21 April 2015


Cllr. S Carey             (Chairman)

Cllr. A Doel

Cllr. Z Grant

Cllr. J Jones

Cllr. S Jones

Cllr. G Masters

Cllr. F Morland

Cllr. K Noble

Cllr. E Pomeroy

Cllr. D West

Roger Coleman (Clerk)

Wiltshire Council Cllr. Horace Prickett attended.

There was one member of the public present initially.

1028.   Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1029.   Apologies.

Apologies for non-attendance were received from Cllr. S Shave and from PC Mark Hough (Neighbourhood Policing Team).

1030.   Declaration of Interests.

Cllr. Doel declared a personal interest in respect of Agenda item 9d.

1031.   Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 17 March 2015.

The Parish Council resolved that the minutes of this meeting were a true and accurate record.  The Chairman signed the minutes.

1032.   Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT).

a.         PC Mark Hough of the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) had sent the Clerk a written report prior to the meeting which the Clerk read out to the meeting. This report is shown below (in italics):

There were 54 rural occurrences of which 11 were in the Parish. 4 of these were crimes.

ASB – 4.

 25/3 Chantry Gardens – Report of youth being threatening. Reporting person just wanted some advice.

14/4 Wynsome Street – Report of vehicle causing obstruction. Dealt with by offering words of advice to driver.

19/4 Female arrested to prevent breech of the peace. Released without charge. No community impact

31/3 Swan Court – Abuse between neighbours – Being dealt with by housing society.

Burglaries – 0.

Thefts – 2.

26/3 Chantry Gardens – Dismantled trampoline stolen from side of garage. No suspects.

18/3 Fleur de Lys – Mobile phone stolen from address. Matter being dealt with civilly

Violence – 1.

31/3 Report of assault by a child. No criminal investigation pursued. No community impact.

Criminal Damage – 2.

31/3 Chantry Gardens – Report of car having been keyed. No suspects identified.

14/4 Hollis Way – Report of climbing frame damaged at play park. I will pay attention to the area during patrols.

Traffic – 2.

3/4  Frome Rd - Motorist recorded in vehicle travelling at 54mph in a 30mph speed limit. Reported for summons.

13/4 - Known suspect has been arrested for driving whilst disqualified, no tax, MOT or insurance. Trowbridge female charged with offences.

Other matters.

26/3 Chapel Close – Youths being a nuisance, sitting on cars, climbing over walls, being aggressive. Patrols made but no further issues.

6/4 Hollis Way – Problems with youths making threats. Matter now resolved.

Police Constable Mark Hough
Community Beat Manager Trowbridge Rural (ET16) – Trowbridge & Bradford-on-Avon Sector

Tel - 101 ext 725528,   E-mail:

End of Report.

b.         There were no matters reported by councillors.

1033.   Southwick Village News.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting to allow a wide ranging discussion on the current style, publication frequency and advertising policy of the Southwick Village News newsletter to take place with the Editor, Raye Johnson, who had attended the meeting.

The Chairman reconvened the meeting. There were no resolutions but a number of possible changes were agreed.

1034.   Highways/Environment.

a.         The Chairman stated that he had attended the recent CATG meeting and that the CATG had approved the proposal for a village gateway at Firs Hill at the village boundary comprising:

  • A bend sign just before the entrance to Southwick Court.
  • Replacing the old round 30mph signs with new 30mph signs that would have square yellow backing boards.
  • A new ‘Southwick’ sign in its current position but affixed to a white painted five bar gate to provide a visible marker of road alignment.

The Chairman added that Wiltshire Council had estimated the cost to be £2000 of which the Parish Council would be expected to donate £1000.He commented that if ‘coloured tarmac‘ were installed in front of the 30mph signs the total cost would rise to around £4500. The Council resolved to approve the proposal and that £1000 would be contributed towards the scheme as stated above. The Clerk was asked to inform Wiltshire Council, Rachel Efemey of the decision.

b.         The Clerk read out the correspondence from a parishioner objecting to the proposal to introduce waiting restrictions at the laybys in Wynsome Street. Cllr. Morland stated that the reasons for this proposal remained unclear. The Chairman and other councillors stated that the primary purpose of the restrictions is to allow delivery and other vehicles access for business purposes and that its use as a personal parking space for residents’ cars should be discouraged. The Council resolved that the restrictions on parking should apply Mondays to Fridays during normal working hours. Four councilors voted for the resolution and one, Cllr. Noble, against. There were six abstensions. Cllr. Carey stated that he would draft a suitable reply to the parishioner who had written to the Parish Council.

c.         Cllr. Carey invited Cllr. Noble to comment on any work undertaken by Mark Banks during his last Community Day visit. Cllr. Noble gave a brief report and requested councilors to advise her of any necessary tasks to be undertaken during his next visit. The following tasks were identified:

Cllr. West – The recent visit by the road sweeper had left rubbish uncollected and a return visit was necessary.  Cllr. Pomeroy commented that the progress of the road sweeper was hampered by parked cars.

Cllr. Pomeroy reported that the state of the strip of land behind some of the back gardens along the path leading from Hollis Way to the School were an eyesore and that the Parish Council should take action to write to the householders asking that the gardens are tidied. Councillors commented that some of the houses were privately owned whilst some were Housing Society properties. The Chairman stated that he would draft a letter to send to the residents.

d.         Cllr. Morland stated that he believed that the correspondence to Wiltshire Council supporting the No.234 Bus Service had not been sent. The Clerk checked the sent e-mails at the meeting and confirmed that the message had not been sent. He stated that he would resend it.

The Clerk stated that he had produced a letter on officially headed paper to request parishioners to cut back overgrown vegetation etc. and that he would deliver them to Cllr. Pomeroy the next day. The Council resolved that the Parish Council and not individual councilors would decide the recipients of the letters.

1035.   Wiltshire Council Report.

Wiltshire Council, Cllr. H Prickett gave the following report to the Council:

Optimum Research Services had issued a report entitled Wiltshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment dated December 2014 and he requested that the Clerk advised councillors of the website link in order to access it. He commented that the report indicates that Wiltshire requires a further ninety pitches by 2019 to satisfy the anticipated need.

1036.   Planning

a.   The Council noted the current status of the following planning application:


42 Frome Road

Demolish existing single storey rear lean-to and erect new single storey rear extension


b.         The Council examined the following planning applications and resolved to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown (in italics):


68 Frome Road

Replacement of single glazed window to double glazed and replace existing brick up doorway with new PVC door.


The Council has no objection to this planning application.


The Stables, East Brook Cottage,

Hoopers Pool

Use of property as a residential dwelling


Councillors Doel and Pomeroy each declared that they have personal knowledge that the property referred to has been occupied as a residential dwelling for 12 years or more.


19 Wynsome Street

Construction of a detached house with access and parking, including demolition of existing garage and extension. (Amendment to planning permission 14/10761/FUL)


The Council objects to this pla nning application for the following reasons:

Approval of this planning application will lead to No.19 Wynsome Street having no lawful vehicular access. Breach Lane is a bridleway which vehicles should not cross.

c.         There were no planning applications received after 13 April 2015.

d.         The Council noted the Wiltshire Council Consultation – Partial Review of Wiltshire Core Strategy and the Clerk was asked to place it on the Agenda for the next meeting.

e.         The Chairman gave a brief report on the proposed Bradley Road Solar Farm. This is shown below (in italics):

He stated that over one hundred and fifty people are expected to have attended the Public Information Days held by Wessex Solar Energy. Although regarded as a small scheme by the Government and therefore still eligible for Government funding it would nevertheless generate enough electricity to power more than 1400 homes.

Although the proposed site is in Southwick, its position and topography means that it affects North Bradley – particularly houses in The Rank – more than it does Southwick. Therefore the developers are considering a payment of up to £10,000 to each Paris Council to support village initiatives and organisations.

The footpath crossing the site would be fenced off so that sheep can graze the site, with kissing gates at each end. I also discussed with the developers the possibility that whilst on site, they might also be able to upgrade other nearby stiles to kissing gates.

So we now wait for the planning application to be submitted to Wiltshire Council. Once that has happened it will be considered at a Parish Council meeting at which parishioners will also be able to put their point of view.

Cllr. Morland stated that he considered that the proposed contributions were derisory and quoted significantly higher sums that had been paid in Dorset and Cornwall.

The Council resolved that Cllrs. Carey and Morland investigate the circumstances pertaining in Dorset and Cornwall relating to such payments and to establish whether it would be possible to obtain these higher payments to Parish Councils in Wiltshire.

1037.   Finance

a.   The current financial position was reported as follows:

Southwick Parish Council


Business Account (A/C 317648) Balance as at 28 February 2015






Transfer from A/C07005390




Transfer from A/C07005390










Standing Orders


Clerk's Salary (February) (paid 2 March 2015)



Clerk's Salary (March) (paid 31 March 2015)





Cheques presented





Clerk's Expenses (Feb)




D Corbin




J L Pethers




HMRC PAYE Month 12







Late Presented Cheques



H Butt (Hall Hire)




R Johnson







Unpresented Cheques









Balance at 31 March 2015




Accounts due for payment - April 2015




Clerk's Salary (April)



Clerk's Expenses (March)



HMRC Month 1



Zurich Insurance (Southwick PC)



Zurich Insurance (Southwick Playing Field))



Stephen Carey (Memorial Plaque)



XYZ Web Ltd



R Johnson (Honorarium)



R Johnson (Stationery)






Business 30 Day Account (A/C 7005390) Balance at 28 February 2015






SVN Adverts




HMRC PAYE Month 11








HMRC PAYE Month 12 Payment










Transfer to A/C00317648




Transfer to A/C00317648







Balance at 31 March 2015




Total funds held by Southwick Parish Council as at 31 March 2015




b.         The Council resolved to renew the Zurich Parish Council Insurance Policy at a cost of 776.55 (3 year deal) and the Zurich Southwick Playing Field Insurance Policy at a cost of £2299.48.

c.         The Council resolved to make the following donations:

Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust (£50), Victim Support (£50)), Southwick Baptist Church (£75) and Heywood Churchyard (£75).

d.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Accounts due for payment’ above.

1038.   Village Website.

The Chairman confirmed that the Village Website was working well and it is now being supplied with content.

1039.   Members Reports

Cllr. Pomeroy – The village is very dirty and the Parish Council should take a lead in improving its appearance. He cited the damaged hedge at St Thomas Church, Frome Road as an example of an untidy area.

The Council resolved that letter relating to overgrown vegetation should be sent to the bungalow in Church Street and the property at the corner of Fairfield Meadows in relation to Greenlands scaffolding.

1040.   Clerk’s Report.

a.         The Clerk stated that he had received a series of correspondence from Wiltshire Council in relation to the application to ‘Stop up’ Highway (U/C Road 6116 & Path Southwick 45). He invited the Council or councillors to make any further comments on the matter. There were no comments made in respect of the application.

b.         The Council noted the date of the next meeting:

  • Annual Parish Council Meeting – 19 May 2015 at 7.30pm.
  • Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – 19 May 2015 at 8.00pm.

c.         It was noted that the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Tuesday 28 April 2015 commencing at 7.30pm.

There was no other business and the meeting concluded at 9.30pm.


Southwick Parish Council                                                                          19 May 2015

ACTION LIST – Meeting 21 April 2015

Action 1 (21/4/15)      Clerk.

Min 1034                     To inform Wiltshire Council of Village gateway scheme approval.

Action 2 (21/4/15)      Cllr. Carey.

Min 1034                     To draft letter to parishioner (Waiting restriction) – Layby.

Action 3 (21/4/15)      Cllr. Carey.

Min 1034                     To draft letter to parishioners (untidy gardens).

Action 4 (21/4/15)      Clerk.

Min 1034                     To re-send correspondence to WC (Bus Service 234).

Action 5 (21/4/15)      Clerk.

Min1035/1036             To advise councillors of Consultation document and Opinion Research Services Final Report.

Action 6 (21/4/15)      Clerk.

Min1036                      To write to Wiltshire Council – Planning applications.

Action 7 (21/4/15)      Cllrs. Carey & Morland.

Min1036                      To investigate Solar Farm contributions to Parish Councils.

Action 8 (21/4/15)      Clerk.

Min1037                      To make payments.

Details of the Actions are contained in the minutes.

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