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Chairman - Cllr. K. Noble

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in

the Village Hall, Southwick at 6.30pm on Tuesday 9th August, 2016.


Cllr. K. Noble (Chairman)
Cllr..A. Doel
Cllr. D. Jackson
Cllr. J. Jones
Cllr. S. Jones
Cllr. M. Masters
Cllr. E. Pomeroy
Cllr. D. West

There were five members of the public present.

1. Introductions and Welcome

   The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Meeting.

2. Declarations of Interest.

   Cllr. Doel declared an interest in Application 16/06058/FUL.

3. Apologies.

  Apology for non- attendance received from Wiltshire Councillor H. Prickett.

4. Adjournment.

  The Meeting was adjourned to give member of the public present to raise

  any points of interest in relation to Planning applications 16/06166/FUl,16/06058/FUL and   16/06224/FUL.

The Meeting re-convened.

5. Observations to be sent to Wiltshire Council

  Councillors noted comments made by members of the public during the


  Planning Application 16/06166!FUL - Blue Barn Farm.

  No. comment.

Planning Application 16!06058!FUL. - Fairfield Farm.

_ The Council supports this application provided it is subject to an

  Agricultural Tenancy Agreement. Vote taken four in favour, one

 Against, three abstentions.


Planning Application 16!06224!FUL - The Hope Nature Centre.

The Council supports this proposed development.

6. Clerk Vacancy

The Council agreed to advertise this position in the Independent News

and to extend the closing date for applications by one month.

There being no other business the Meeting closed at 7.15pm.


Southwick Parish Council

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