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Southwick Parish Council


The Village Hall

Southwick Wiltshire


of the


Meeting held on

Tuesday February 29th, 2019 7.30PM.

Health and safety warnings

Thirteen members of the public were present.

Present: - Cllrs. K. Noble, Chairman, Cllr. D. Jackson Deputy Chairman Cllr. S. Carey, Cllr. G. Clayton, Cllr. T. Curry, Cllr. J. Eaton,

Cllr. C. McCaw, Cllr. B. Pitney, Cllr. E Pomeroy.

Apologies for absence: - Cllr. F. Morland

Declarations of interest None declared

016/19 Minutes

Cllr. Eaton gave an update to The Parish Council on the progress and work achieved by the Neighbourhood Plan, Steering Group.

The structure of the committee was presented and their roles, as well as the current state of the grant application for the plan. The appointment of Arraon Smith as Planning consultant was agreed in principle but will be confirmed in writing by the clerk once the Grant monies are secured, this is anticipated to be within the next seven days.

The Parish Council resolved that the reporting process of the Steering Group was to be as a sub-committee of the Council and report its actives and progress on a monthly basis and in detail. No financial or major policy decisions would be taken by the sub-committee directly but passed up to the full Parish Council for discussion and resolution at a regular meeting.

The Parish Council thanked those co-opted members of the Steering Group for their personal commitment and hard work in driving the plan forward so far and hoped they would continue to assist the village.

Members requested further residents be invited to serve on the committee to progress the Neighbourhood Plan; a public meeting will be called by the end of March 2019. Invitation letters are to be sent to every household promoting the event.

The Parish Council wishes to draw on applications from interested residents that have talents that could assist the village with the Neighbourhood Plan process, this is a community initiative, and everyone can find a way of helping. (This request being open to all and based on the democratic principles of social equality.)

It was also resolved by the Parish Council to hold a Steering Group meeting next Tuesday 5th February 2019 to make progress with the Neighbourhood Plan. Mr Arron Smith will be invited to attend in an advisory capacity (pro bono) although not officially appointed as yet.

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