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Chairman – Cllr. K Noble

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Southwick at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7 February 2017


Cllrs. K Noble (Chairman), D Jackson (Vice Chairman), J. Jones, E Pomeroy, D West, G. Masters, Wiltshire Cllr. H. Prickett and L Karas (Clerk). Some 40-50 members of the public were present initially.

  1. Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman opened the SPC meeting at 7.30pm by welcoming everyone.

  1. Adjournment (to start the Open Forum)

SPC resolved to adjourn the meeting to start the Open Forum. Discussions lasted until approx. 8.40pm when the Chairman resumed the Parish Council meeting

  1. Declaration of Interests.

The Chairman declared a non-pecuniary interest in 16/12279/OUT because she is Treasurer and Secretary of the Playing Fields at Southwick and Redrow Homes has stated in their Design Statement page 35, para. 4.36 “It is intended that an offsite contribution be made to enhance the existing play area within the recreation grounds adjoining Southwick Church of England Primary School.” Similarly, Cllr. Pomeroy declared a non-pecuniary interest as he is Chairman of the Playing Fields at Southwick. No other interests were declared.

  1. Apologies.

The Clerk reported that written apologies had been received from Cllrs. Doel, and Carey and verbal apologies from Cllr. Morland.

  1. Planning – Observations to be sent to Wiltshire Council.
  1. 16/12279/OUT. SPC resolved that the Clerk, with help from the Chairman, should compile a draft response to include all the key points arising out of the Open Forum, and to include all key points raised with them directly (currently 3 emails), and via letters on the Wiltshire Council website (currently totalling 39). This draft response to be sent to all Councillors for their comment, if possible, in time for the next Parish Council meeting on 21st February 2017 so that it could be approved prior to dispatch to Wiltshire Council (before 28th February 2017 response deadline).
  1. Letter from Savills “Land East of the A361 Proposed Residential Development”. Cllr. Prickett stated he had attended the North Bradley Parish Council meeting the day before, and they had resolved to ask him to invite SPC to make a joint submission when the Outline application was made available from Wiltshire Council. SPC resolved to work with the North Bradley Parish Council to make such a joint submission. Cllr. Prickett agreed to advise North Bradley parish Council accordingly.
  1. 17/00775/PNCOU. The Clerk reported that this had been sent to him in error by Wiltshire Council and that no response was necessary. In response to a question from Wiltshire Cllr. Prickett, the Clerk stated that he had been advised by Wiltshire Council that, in due course, SPC may receive a Full application if the local planning authority determined that one was necessary. Cllr. Jones had noted the advertising hoardings being displayed in relation to Brokerswood Farm Shop.
  1. Closing Remarks.

The Chairman thanked everyone present for their contributions and closed the meeting at approx. 8.50pm.


Southwick Parish Council

Chairman’s Signature:___________________________

Date: ________________________________________

ACTION LIST – Extraordinary Meeting 7 February 2017

Minute 1348a The Clerk, with the Chairman, to draft a response to Wiltshire Council

relating to 16/12279/OUT.

Minute 1348b  Cllr. Prickett to advise North Bradley Parish Council of SPC’s resolution to produce a joint

Planning response when it became necessary.

Details of the Actions are contained in the minutes.

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