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DRAFT Minutes of the Southwick Parish Council Meeting held on the 16th January 2018 at 7.30 in the village hall.

Clerk-Sarah Cope -Contact- Southwickclerk@gmail.com

Website- www.southwickwilts.co.uk

Present- Cllr. D. Jackson (Chair), Cllr S. Carey, Cllr. G. Clayton, Cllr. T. Curry Cllr J. Jones, Cllr J. Eaton, Cllr K. Noble, Cllr E. Pomeroy, Cllr L. Weeks

2 members of the public initially.

Public Forum- Mr Greatwood raised the issue that he wanted to expose the extent of money wasted by the steering group.

Email- Incident waiting to happen due to parking  on Church Street  - causing disruption of traffic flow and cars passing on the wrong side of the road, and causing damage to the kerb/roadside.  Suggested that yellow lines are painted near the junction to stop the parking. CATG- through Cllr Prickett- request double yellow lines.

1549 Welcome by the Chair.

Chairman welcomed those present

1550 Apologies.

 Apology  for absence received from Cllr Morland.

1551 Declarations of interest

Declarations of interest by Cllr Curry  -  application for planning on Church Farm and Cllr D Jackson on planning decisions as he declared an interest when application was discussed.

1552 Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Meeting held on 19th Dec 2017

The minutes for meeting held 21st Nov were agreed and signed a true record

Motion to adjourn

  1. Wiltshire Council Report.

1.Cllr. Prickett – Planning Application 17/1094/FULL Poplar Tree Lane-  not being processed at the moment,, as the applicant has been asked to provide more information and correct errors in the application. .

 2. Car Parking charges increase approved today at the Environmental Select Committee meeting,

with effect from  February 1st. However, not applicable to Southwick Country Park as further

approval to impose new charges on previously free sites needs Cabinet and Full council approval.

Full details of the decision today have been sent to the clerk but not printed as they run to 138pages.

3.Wiltshire  Council  is to offer training/information courses on the operation of the council and these

 Are aimed at both new members and those who might feel the need to update.  Details will be

Sent shortly.

4. Trains - There are two consultations other than from Wiltshire Council, currently out for completion although these are of little consequence to Southwick. One concerns the Hearts of Wessex  line, Bristol to Weymouth Community Rail  partnership (closes 28th Jan), and the other the GWR Franchise

Award (closes 21st Feb).  The former is of  little interest unless you regularly take a trip to the seaside:

However, the latter is of great importance to Wiltshire as one proposal by the government is to split

 up the GWR franchise and spread the service over another franchise, making three to suit serve

Trowbridge and Westbury.  This should be opposed by anyone who regularly uses the train to

London as its most likely effect is to reduce direct services to London and the West.  If you would

like to get involved then please let me know and I’ll email the full documents.  They are quite

bulky,  so email viewing is recommended.

5. Church Street/Wynsome Steet, has many problems with parking.  Church Street and The Mowlems

residents  are parking on the street leaving their parking places in the rear empty.  They are parking

illegally within a short distance of the junction and causing congestion and a collision risk. My

 recommendation is a request ti CATG for double yellow lines at least at the junction and Wynsome


Motion to re-convene.

1554 Community Policing Team

PCSO Melissa Glover is due to take over our beat area in the new year, once she has finished her tutorship, so she will be a point of contact in future.

  1. Highway/ Environment

Cllr Jackson- reported potholes- Heard nothing back about Blind Lane and Lamberts Marsh. Hole on Goose street will be fixed.

Flooded garden report last month- WC visited and were going to flush through in early Jan.

Steward due 7/8th Feb – if anyone sees anything that needs doing report through the clerk.

Cllr Carey wished to add that he felt the steward had been doing good work around Southwick.

CATG request- double yellow lines down church street on both side to stop parking.

White lines on Frome road with a sign saying please refrain parking on them during events to allow flow of traffic. Clerk to contact Kirsty Rose or Mary Cullen.

The Parish Steward will be in Southwick on the 10th and 11th February, 2018.

1556 Planning applications

Application Ref: 17/12274/FUL

Proposal: - Conversion of Dutch Barn to form a single dwelling

At: Church Farm, Brokerswood, Wiltshire, BA13 4EG- Councillors Pomeroy and Noble visited

the proposed site, no plans available, it was resolved not to comment.

Application Ref: 17/12448/FUL

Proposal: - Proposed single storey rear extension & attached garage and workshop

At: Forge House, 8 Wesley Lane, Southwick, Wilts, BA14 9NU- Councillors Pomeroy and Noble

Visited the site, no plans available – it was resolved not to comment.

C) other planning matters.

Cllr Carey – asking about bypass from Yarnbrook and Beckington- bypassing Rode Southwick and North Bradley. Has been proposed in the past rejected for another which failed to be built.

1557 Finance

Payee & Description



Village hall hire



Thumbnail Media



David King



All payments agreed.

Precept- Councillor Eaton requested a Precept increase of £6,000 to cover the shortfall for funding the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Plan will cost between £20,000/£25,000, we will receive funding of £17,000.

 Councillor Carey asked for specific written details from the Steering Group of the neighbourhood Plan for justification of funding by the Parish Council

Cllr Carey proposed  £3000 increase in the precept to support NP. Cllr.  Noble  seconded the proposal.  Six in favour.

1558 Neighbourhood Planning.

David King – impressed by the high standard of work done by the Steering committee on Scoping research.

Should receive the results from the Housing Survey this month from Wilts Council.

Advertisements  have gone out for new members to join the committee. Cllr Weeks has resigned his place on the steering committee. - Cllr Eaton said the work he had done was a great help. – Normal for people to come and go on this type of committee.

Question for finance from the public forum- Cllr Eaton informed that all money spent so far had come from grants and no money has so far come from Parish Council funds.

Cllr Carey wanted to see progress against the original Planning Street Plan initially agreed.

Cllr Eaton explained that they were running many streams in parallel to bring end date forward and to reduce costs.

Dependant on Wilts Council for Survey results and maps to continue certain areas of the plan.

1559 Members Reports

Website update- Clerk has typed up some of the missing minutes and agendas and sent them to be added to the Website.

Village grapevine page link no longer available so being changed to the Residents Association page.

Cllr Noble asked if anything heard about the kissing gates for the circular path- these would cost £2000 per council -this path is too far out to benefit most of the residents of Southwick-Suggestion of where else kissing gates  could installed  – School Lane to gain access to field leading to Country Park. – cost about £500 each.

Cllr Curry reported more potholes in Blind lane and Wesley Lane.

1560 Monitoring Officer Decision

Recommendation to the Parish Council to take up an offer of suitable training on the requirements relating to registration and declaration of interests through Ian Gibbons as Monitoring Officer. All agreed. Date suggested for this first Tuesday in March. Clerk to liaise with Ian Gibbons.

Next meeting 20th Feb 2018 at 7.30.

Signed Cllr D. Jackson -Chair.


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