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Chairman – Daniel Jackson

Minutes of a Meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Southwick at 19.30 hrs on Tuesday 18th July 2017

Present. Cllr. S. Carey, Cllr. G. Clayton, Cllr. T. Curry, Cllr J Eaton, Cllr. D. Jackson (Chairman), Cllr J. Jones, Cllr. F. Moreland, Cllr. K Noble (Vice Chair), Cllr. E. Pomeroy, Cllr. B. Sansom, Cllr. L Weeks

Wiltshire Cllr. H. Prickett, Peter White (Clerk).

There were 4 members of the public present.

1456 Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman welcomed the public forum. All attending Cllrs and Mr Toby King, Hilperton Parish Council who is the lead on the Hilperton Parish Neighbourhood Plan (NP).

Mr King provided an extensive picture of the Hilperton NP and partook of a Q and A session.

1457 Apologies

No apologies.

1458 Declarations of Interest

No interests declared.

1459 Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting held on 20th June 17

Correction: 1436 date of consultation is 26.07.17

1460 Community Policing Team

No report received in time for the meeting.

1461 Wiltshire Council Report

  • Hoggington Lane Spur – legal action to enforce removal of pipe due to flooding ensuing.
  • Lambrook stream clearance – no action – Raise to Mr Prickett if no activity in next 2 weeks.
  • Redrow Homes Planning Application – No further information until 28.07.17

1462 Highways / Environment

SPC attendance at next Catg meeting (date to be advised by H Prickett) to request a re-review of Wynsome Street / Frome Road mini roundabout signage.

  • Car blocking pathway aside St Thomas Church, southwest end.
  • Pavement obstructed by falling masonery on Frome Road outside “Heli – beds”.
  • Action: Clerk to raise both the above with Wiltshire Council. (WC)

1463 Community Matters


1464 Finance

Clerk provided updated finance report.

Payments agreed for:

  • XYZ ltd                                                                                  £12.50
  • P White (salary 01.07.17 – 18.07.17)                         £179.70

Donation to Trowbridge Citizens Advice Bureau was put on hold.

1465 Planning Applications






6 Chantry Gdns BA14 9QP

Rebuild existing attached garage with 1st floor extension over. Re-roof existing rear garden room & utility room

SPC- Support

1466 Planning Decisions






Beech Hse, 19 Frome Rd

As per 1442 20/6/17

WC-Approved with conditions


22 Brookmead

As per 1442 20/6/17

WC-Approved with conditions

Action: Chair to contact Planning Dept and request continuation of the provision of hard copy planning application documentation

1468 Members Reports

12a         Cllr Samson actioned to contact village news editor to announce email address for parishioners to correspond with the PC electronically.

12b         Action: Clerk to write to WC reference obstructed Rights of Way for footpath 4 and 54.

12c         Cllr Jones proposed a thank you to Cllr Pomeroy for his continued service in dealing with removal of refuse from playing field litter bins.

12d         Cllr Eaton advised progress on the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party:

  • Link officer requested
  • Housing needs assessment information request
  • Area designation documentation

1469 Clerks report

                Tree Preservation Order for veteran oak in Southwick Country Park not contested.

                Clerk advised discourse with My Community limits any Neighbourhood Plan grant to £9k.

                Expression of Interest to be declared before grant application.

Action: Clerk tasked to provide and commission XYZ ltd with list of councillors for website publication.

1470 Closing Remarks

The chair thanked all those in attendance.

DONM – 15th August 2017 at 19.30 hrs.

Signed………………………………                                                                          Date…………………………………………….

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