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The most recent minutes are below. For last year's and previous year's minutes please use the link at the foot of the page or refer to the annual collection of minutes in the collected pdf files section on the Parish Council webpage. Please note that minutes are published as DRAFT minutes and will be approved at the next meeting of the parish council. The minutes for an extraordinary meeting will also be posted to this page. Such a meeting could be held prior to an ordinary meeting or after such a meeting.

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Southwick Parish Council


The Village Hall

Southwick Wiltshire

DRAFT Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 19th June, 2018 7.30PM.

Present:- Cllrs. Noble, Clayton, Curry, Eaton, Jackson, McCaw, Morland, Pomeroy

Wiltshire Councillor – Cllr. H. Prickett

Appointment of the Parish Clerk

1/18 Mr. Steven King JP of Woolverton was appointed on the 9th June 2918 as The Parish Clerk to

Southwick Parish Council.

Open Forum

Presentations from:-

2/18 Mr. Tom Griffiths Mr. C. Beaver on behalf of Doric Engineering.  Council agreed to support this development.

3/18 Mr. Harding concerning the potential threat to Larkrise School.

Apologies for absence received from Cllr. S. Carey.

4/18 Declarations of interest

None declared


5/18 The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 15th May 2018 Deferred.

6/18 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 15th May 2018.

Motion to adjourn

7/18 WILTSHIRE COUNCIL REPORT – Wiltshire Councillor Mr. H. Prickett reported:-

8/18 Gateway to the village and signage still to be repaired.

9/18 Ireland and Scotland ditches and gullies potentially blocked in Winter 2018/19.

10/18 Larkrise special school and the concern of creating one large special needs school. Action Clerk to express concerns of the Parish Council to Wiltshire Council education department.

11/18 Oxenwood Activity Centre, Threat of closure. Action Clerk to express concerns of the P.C.

Motion to re-convene

12/18 COMMUNITY POLICING TEAM – PCSO Melissa Glover brief report noting 32 crimes,

Consisting of 6 thefts, violence 4, burglaries 3 which showed a reduction on the previous year.

13/18 Speedwatch initiative continues it was noted that vehicles speeding in Blind Lane.

14/18 HIGHWAYS/ENVIRONMENT – Hedge on Wynsome Street, overgrown.

15/18 Inconsiderate parking in Chantry Gardens.


17/18 (a) New applications– None

18/18 (b)Decisions 18/0273/FUL 40A Frome Road, Approved.

19/18-03173 Doric Engineering – Refused.

           (c) Other planning matters None



20/19 FINANCE.

As per Agenda Payments authorised as follows – list

Zurich Life Playing Fields Insurance £2,659.80

Thumbnail Media £750.00

Thumbnail Media £159.9

Greenacres £565.36

 W.J.Fox £53.98

XYZ Ltd £26.00


Report by Cllr. Eaton Chair of Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group who had concerns some households not received the survey booklet. From the series of consultations, the committee are now preparing a full analysis of the survey which will be produced within a report.


Mrs. Carol McCaw was co-opted as a Parish Councillor. Two vacancies remain.

23/18 VILLAGE CARETAKER. No report available in the absence of Cllr. Carey.

24/18 OPEN FORUM. 

It was resolved to respond, at the discretion of the Chairman to questions raised in the open forum.


26/18 Trees at Hollis Way overgrown, Selwood Housing to be advised.

27/18 Signed by THE CHAIRMAN Cllr. Mrs. K Noble


28/18 Next Meeting details as follows


Notice is hereby given that a Meeting of Southwick Parish Council will be held at

Southwick Village Hall on Tuesday 17th July 2018 at 7.30pm and you are invited to attend.

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