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Southwick Parish Council meeting 6th June 2017

Chairman Daniel Jackson

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village hall, Southwick at 7pm on Tuesday 6th June 2017

Present. Cllr D. Jackson (Chairman), Cllr S Carey, Cllr G. Clayton, Cllr J. Eaton, Cllr J. Jones, Cllr F. Morland, Cllr K. Noble, Cllr E. Pomeroy, Cllr B. Samson, Cllr L. Weeks

There were 4 members of the public present

1424 Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed the visitors to the meeting.

1425 Signing of Declaration of acceptance of office.

Not applicable

1426 Declaration of interest.

No interests Declared

1427 Apologies

Apology for absence received from Cllr T. Curry

1428 Adjournment

No points of interest made by the public present

Motion to reconvene.

1429 Planning Applications

17/03382/FUL  2 Furze Hill- erection of fence- SPC resolved to support this application.

17/03553/Ful  Silver St. Farmhouse- Construction of stable and tractor shed. SPC resolved to support this application subject to conditions 1. Private use only,  2. Development to have no detrimental effect on the public footpath. 3. The structure to be only used for the uses applied for.

17/03938/FUL  93 Chantry Gardens- side extension- SPC resolved to support the application.

17/03606/FUL  Flaxfield Farm- SPC resolved to support this application.

1430 Clerk Vacancy

Adverts placed in the local papers

We have one application. SPC resolved that Cllr Jackson and Clrr Noble would hold interview on Friday 9th at 7pm

1431 Account for payment.

SPC resolved to make the following payments.

Zurich insurance- Playing field- £2533.15

Patrick Adams-Expenses- £95.34

Kath Noble- Photocopying/Inks- £17

1432 Closing Remarks

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 7.23pm

Signed  Cllr D. Jackson

Date 20/06/17

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