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Chairman – Cllr. K Noble

Minutes of the meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Southwick at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 19 May 2015


Cllr. K Noble             (Chairman)

Cllr. S Carey

Cllr. A Doel

Cllr. Z Grant

Cllr. S Jones

Cllr. G Masters

Cllr. F Morland

Cllr. E Pomeroy

Cllr. D West

Roger Coleman (Clerk)

Wiltshire Council Cllr. Horace Prickett attended.

PC Hough, Neighbourhood Policing Team attended (Part-time).

There were no members of the public present.

1060.   Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1061.   Apologies.

Apologies for non-attendance were received from Cllr. J Jones.

1062.   Declaration of Interests.

There were no interests declared.

1063.   Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 21 April 2015.

Minute 1034c: 2nd Para, 1st line. Delete ‘some of’. Insert ‘the strip of land behind some of’.

The Parish Council then resolved that the minutes of this meeting were a true and accurate record.  The Chairman signed the minutes.

1064.   Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT).

a.         PC Mark Hough of the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) had sent the Clerk a written report prior to the meeting. PC Hough summarised the main points for the benefit of the Council thus:

There were 74 rural occurrences in the last calendar month of which 11 were in the parish. 5 of these were crimes.

No current crime series.

Anti-Social Behaviour – 2.

19/4 The Mowlems - Known female arrested to prevent breach of the peace. No further action taken.

30/4 The Mowlems - Male neighbour has shouted and been abusive to youth. Words of advice given.

Burglary – 2.

3/5 Frome Rd Allotments. Break into shed. Nothing stolen.

3/5 Frome Rd Allotments. Break into shed. mower stolen but found later I understand.

I am aware that there were up to 8 sheds attacked but we only had two reported. No lines of enquiry.

Thefts – 0.

Violence – 2.

30/4 Frome Rd – Youths pushed into road into traffic. Put down to high jinx although could clearly have been a tragedy.

12/5 The Mowlems – Child squirted washing liquid into the eye of other. Matter is still being looked at.

Domestic matters with no offences – 2.

Damage – 3.

22/4 Southwick School – Teepee damaged by graffiti. Local youths spoken too but no offender located.

3/5 Wynsome St - Unknown suspect has smashed 7 fence panels to pieces at the side of property.

10/5 Southwick CP - 4 male suspects have damaged numerous trees in the Country Park. Youths approached by member of the public. They stated that they were making a den. No suspects identified. Up to 10 trees may need to be replaced.

Traffic matters – 0

Other matters.




Swan Court, Southwick

Youths being very noisy in the park area, also banging on RP’s door & ringing the bell. Verbally abusive to RP when he asked them to be quiet.

Youths not found



Hollis Way, Southwick

3 youths banging on RP’s door and running away.




Swan Court, Southwick

2 youths 10-12YO banging on RP’s door and running away.

Playing loud music outside his house.



Southwick Country Park

2 youths 14-16YO trying to set fire to a footbridge.

No one located.



Hollis Way, Southwick

3-4 youths by RP’s garden, staring at male and trying to start a fight.

Making threats & being abusive.



Hollis Way, Southwick

Youths threw a liquid at RP’s lounge window (possibly a water balloon)




Hollis Way, Southwick

6 youths in the park by the school followed the RP home, shouting abuse.

No one located

Police Constable Mark Hough
Community Beat Manager Trowbridge Rural (ET16) – Trowbridge & Bradford-on-Avon Sector

Tel - 101 ext 725528,   E-mail:

End of Report.

b.         Cllr. Pomeroy reported that there had been a vehicle parked partly on the pavement at Wynsome Street all week that was causing an obstruction.

1064A.   Southwick Village News.

The Council noted the resignation of the current Editor with effect from the completion of the current issue of the Southwick Village News. The Council resolved that this issue is to contain an advertisement for a new Editor. The Council suggested that the publication could become a quarterly publication and that discussions are to take place with Mrs Johnson in relation to the current advertisers and the anticipated duration of their existing advertisements. Cllr. Grant suggested that the advertisement for a new Editor could be displayed at the School and at the Village Hall.

1065.   Highways/Environment.

a.         Cllr. Carey stated that the Trowbridge Area Board had approved the Village Gateway scheme at its meeting on 14 May 2015 and that it would contribute £1000 towards it – the remaining £1000 was to be contributed by the Parish Council.

b.         The Chairman reported that she had met up with Wiltshire Council, Mark Banks and that he had been requested to undertake the following tasks during Community Day (the response from Mr Banks is shown in italics):

  • Grass Cutting, Wesley Lane and Hollis Way – Wiltshire Council and Balfour Beatty are in discusiions  regarding ‘missed grass areas’.
  • Hedges, Hollis Way to the Garage – This path will be strimmed.
  • Weeds, Wynsome Street Bridge – To be weed killed or removed.
  • Grass and Verges, Firshill, Frome Road – To be strimmed, awaiting new machine to cut large areas e.g verges. Hedges to be done after nesting season.
  • Hole outside 71A Chantry Gardens – Repair to be done.
  • Loose Drain Cover, Wynsome Street – To be inspected.

c.         Cllr. Carey stated that he had written to the parishioner in relation to the layby. The Chairman commented that the parishioner had requested certain information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Chairman asked the Clerk to provide it, if it existed.

The Chairman reported that Mrs King had contacted her again regarding parking problems in Chantry Gardens. The Council resolved that it had nothing further to add.

The Chairman stated that the flower tubs required painting. The Council resolved that the colours should be as before – red, white and blue.

Cllr. Pomeroy reported that one of the letters to a parishioner regarding overgrown vegetation had been ignored and criticized by the parishioner because of inaccurate wording. Councillors commented that the Parish Council had acted reasonably and that it was now time for Wiltshire Council to take action.

1066.   Wiltshire Council Report.

Wiltshire Council, Cllr. H Prickett gave the following report to the Council:

1) Full details of the disrupted rail service to be expected from July 18th. -31 st. August have now been published and a summary is attached. Full details can be found by looking at the First Great Western website. A selection of leaflets is available for information.

2) The Cil regime came ~nto operation on Monday 18th. May and al! planning applications will now have to meet these rules. This gives the parish council 15% of CIl payments unless an Village Plan exists in which case the PC gets 25% of the funds. This must give the village an added incentive to develop its own plan.

3) A petition was presented to full council last week asking for the RUH Hopper service not to be abandoned. in fact there are no plans for the council to remove the service, but the funding previously given for the 'service was removed from the budget on February 24th, Negotiations are still ongoing to solve the funding problem and these have gone well to date with substantial savings located and the funding position is likely to be solved. No closure can occur in any case until consultation and equality surveys have taken place, so the earliest any final decision on the service can be made is likely to be October or even November when it is likely that alternative funding will be in place.

4) An application for the demolition of the old East Wing and former Chapman's BuiIding at County Hall has been submitted and is currently out for consultation, which closes on July 7th.

1067.   Planning

a.   The Council noted the current status of the following planning applications:


68 Frome Road

Replacement of single glazed window to double glazed and replace existing brick up doorway with new PVC door.



The Stables, East Brook Cottage,

Hoopers Pool

Use of property as a residential dwelling



19 Wynsome Street

Construction of a detached house with access and parking, including demolition of existing garage and extension. (Amendment to planning permission 14/10761/FUL)


b.         The Council examined the following planning applications and resolved to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown (in italics):


Land South of Upper Poles Hole

Change of use from agricultural to equestrian and erection of stable block – non commercial use,


This application is supported subject to it being for Non-Commercial Use.

c.         The Clerk reported that the following planning application was received after 11 May 2015:


The Bungalow,

Hoopers Pool

Single/two storey extension at rear

Comments by 9/6/15


18D Meadowcroft, School Lane

Proposed double garage and proposed link to existing garage

Comments by 15/6/15

The Clerk was asked to requested an extension to the dates for comments or, if necessary, to arrange for an Extraordinary Parish Council meeting to be held on 2 June 2015.

d.         Cllr. Morland explained the nature of the Wiltshire Council Consultation – Partial Review of Wiltshire Core Strategy – and commented that it was the saved district local plan policies that were most likely to have a direct impact on Southwick. Councillors discussed this subject at length and resolved that the following comments be sent to Wiltshire Council: ‘Any specific policies relating to the protection of Southwick Country Park should be saved’.

e.         Cllr. Carey stated that he had studied the documents from Dorset County Council relating to the subsidies paid to the Council for Solar Farm developments. He commented that a typical subsidy was £1000/MW/year for a twenty year period and that the offer by the developer of the Southwick Solar Farm of £20,000, that is £10,000 to Southwick and £10,000 to North Bradley was miserly in comparison.

Cllr. Morland stated that Southwick and North Bradley should be applying pressure on Wiltshire Council to obtain around £1500/MW/year for the proposed 5MW Solar Farm at Southwick. He added that Wiltshire Council had divorced the determination of the forthcoming planning application for the Southwick Solar Farm from any possible subsidy discussion. He explained why he considered that an annual payment was advantageous over a single lump sum payment and argued that such payments should be made to a central fund and for Southwick and North Bradley Parish Councils to decide on apportionment.

The Council resolved that the Chairs of Southwick and North Bradley Parish Councils should discuss this matter and that a joint representation be made to Wiltshire Council to secure a subsidy of £1000/MW/year for the proposed Solar Farm at Southwick. Cllr. Morland added that time was of the essence if a satisfactory outcome was to be achieved.

f.          There were no other matters raised.

1068.   Finance

a.   The current financial position was reported as follows:

Business Account (A/C 317648) Balance as at 31 March 2015















Standing Orders








Cheques presented





Clerk's Expenses (March)








R Johnson (Stationery & Honorarium)




GA Edwards (Website)




Zurich Insurance (P Field)




Zurich Insurance (PC)




S Carey (Memorial Plaque)







Late Presented Cheques









Unpresented Cheques



Bobby Van Trust




Victim Support




NB, SW, Heywood PCC




SW Baptist Church







Balance at 30 April 2015







Balance at 1 May 2015:




Accounts due for payment - May 2015




Clerk's Salary (April)



Clerk's Salary (May)



Clerk's Expenses (April)



HMRC Month 2



Internal Audit Fee



M West (Caretaking)






Business 30 Day Account (A/C 7005390) Balance at 31 March 2015






Wiltshire Council Precept/Grant (50%)




Interest (Approx)





















Balance at 30 April 2015




Total funds held by Southwick Parish Council as at 30 April 2015




b.         The Council resolved to make a donation of £100 to the Parish Councils’ Liaison Group.

c.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Accounts due for payment’ above.

1069.   Members Reports

There were no reports.

1070.   Clerk’s Report.

a.         The Clerk brought the following matters to the notice of the Council:

  • Wiltshire Council – Parish Emergency Assitance Scheme (PEAS).
  • The Pension Regulator ( Statutory pension provision from 2017).

b.         The Council noted the date of the next meeting:

  • Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – 16 June 2015 at 7.30pm.
  • Ordinary Parish Council Meeting – 21 July 2015 at 7.30pm.

There was no other business and the meeting concluded at 9.40pm.


Southwick Parish Council                                                                         16 June 2015

ACTION LIST – Meeting 19 May 2015

Action 1 (19/5/15)       Cllr. Noble

Min 1064                     To contact Raye Johnson – SVN Advertisers.

Action 2 (19/5/15)       Clerk.

Min 1065                     To meet FoI request by parishioner (Waiting restriction) – Layby.

Action 3 (19/5/15)       Clerk.

Min 1067                     To send comments re. planning applications to WC.

Action 4 (19/5/15)       Clerk.

Min 1067                     To send comments to WC – Partial Review of Core Strategy.

Action 5 (19/5/15)       Cllr. Noble.

Min1067                      To contact Chairman of North Bradley PC – Solar Farm subsidy.

Action 6 (19/5/15)       Clerk.

Min1068                      To make payments.

Details of the Actions are contained in the minutes.

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