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Chair: Cllr Kath Noble, 230 Chantry Gardens, Southwick, Wiltshire, BA14 9QX 01225 352503

Clerk:  Nicola Duke, April Rise, 81 Studland Park, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3HN 01373 864127

Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 15th October 2019

in the Village Hall, Southwick at 7.30 pm.


Present: Cllr K Noble (Chair), Cllr M Boorman, Cllr J Eaton, Cllr D Jackson, Cllr C McCaw Cllr F Morland and Cllr E Pomeroy.

In attendance: Nicola Duke (Parish Clerk), Wiltshire Councillor H Prickett and one member of the public.


Open Forum to hear from members of the public


Mr Doug Lanereported on a WR1 form relating to traffic management in Church St, which he had submitted in May/June (a copy was tabled).  He reported that he had been informed the Council had prepared the necessary WR2 form for submission to CATG, but that he had heard nothing further.  The Chair reported that the Clerk would take this forward and ensure the necessary paperwork reached Wiltshire Council as soon as possible. Mr Lane also referred to incidents at Church St and Swan Court (Greensquare Housing) asking whether the PC knew how many times the police had been called out to this location. It was noted that the PC had not received a report from the local police for some time and the Clerk was asked to chase this up with Matthew Till (PCSO). Mr Lane further reported on a meeting which had been arranged to discuss complaints and the plans to form a residents’ association.  It was confirmed that the PC had not been formally informed of the meeting.


                AGENDA ITEM

2019/17                Apologies for Absence and to consider the reasons given

Cllr S Carey, due to prior engagement – accepted.

Cllr J Heydon, due to prior engagement – accepted.

Cllr G Clayton, due to family commitments – accepted.

Cllr T Curry, due to prior engagement – accepted.

Post meeting note – the Clerk confirmed that due to an administrative error Cllr Curry had not received a copy of the agenda and supporting papers. 

2019/18                Declarations of Interest and Dispensations to Participate


2019/19                Minutes of Council Meetings

The minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 17th September 2019 were approved for accuracy and adopted (proposed Cllr Pomeroy, seconded Cllr Jackson).

It was noted in relation to minute reference 2019/15 that the CATG issue raised by Cllr Carey had not been reported back correctly to the member of the public who had raised it.  The Clerk would clarify the PC’s decision with the member of the public.

The Clerk reported that she was unable to locate the original notes taken at the meetings of April and May 2019 and it was agreed that copies of the minutes as they stood would be circulated to members for their comment and input.  The matter would be listed as an agenda item for the November meeting.

2019/20                Wiltshire Council Report

Members resolved a motion to adjourn to receive a report from Wiltshire Councillor Horace Prickett. 

Cllr Prickett provided a report, which is appended to the minutes. He highlighted some Wiltshire Council consultations which members might like to look at. He also drew attention to some planned roadworks in North Bradley, which he reported could have an impact on the traffic levels through Southwick. He reported on the status of enforcement notices outstanding in the parish. He also drew attention to some work which had been carried out at Hoggington Lane, recommending that members conduct a site visit to assess whether they wished to object to the work.  Cllr Prickett referred to the recent CATG meeting, which Cllr Carey had attended and provided a copy of the minutes.  The next meeting of the CATG was confirmed as scheduled for January 2020. He recommended that the PC attend the next Area Board meeting, referring to a recent Wiltshire Council news release reporting on grants available for community hub type projects in the parishes.  He outlined the application process, and passed on the information. He advised members to look at the Pewsey project.  7 November was confirmed as the next Area Board meeting.  He also referred to the Fairfield Farm application, which had been dismissed at appeal with costs awarded to Wiltshire Council. He reported that the Alpaca farm application was being referred to the Planning Committee at Wiltshire Council.

Cllr Pomeroy asked for any update on the milestone at the village entrance.  Cllr Prickett confirmed this had been discussed at CATG and the request had been processed for the milestone to be moved.

Motion to re-convene.

2019/21                Highways/Environment

Cllr Morland – confirmed that the roadworks in Westbury had now been concluded, noting that all the traffic during the road closures had been diverted along Wynsome Street, which had highlighted Wiltshire Council’s belief that the road was suitable for such traffic, despite it being a C road. He stated his view that the diversions should go down the A361 and A350.  Members noted that Wynsome Street was now in need of inspection and repair works.  The Clerk would raise this with Wiltshire Council.

 Cllr Pomeroy – reported on an overgrown tree in front of number 36 Hollis Way, which had been the subject of complaints from neighbours.  He also reported that the fence along the back of the council houses end nearest Hollis Way had broken posts. It was noted that this was a matter for Selwood Housing as the landowner and the Clerk would write to Selwood Housing accordingly.

 Cllr Eaton – spoke regarding the raised ironworks in Blind Lane, which were slowing traffic up.  He reported that delivery drivers were using the Lane as a rat run.  It was noted these issues had been raised at the September meeting and the Clerk would chase for a response from Wiltshire Council.

2019/22                Planning Applications

Members considered the below listed applications:  

 19/07915/PNCOU – Newpool Farm, Southwick, BA14 9ND - Notification for Prior Approval under Class Q for a Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to Create 2no. Dwelling houses (Use Class C3) and for Associated Operational Development – it was noted that this application had been refused by Wiltshire Council.  The Clerk would advise members immediately if an appeal was lodged.

 To receive and consider planning applications received after the issue of the agenda (where the response time falls outside of the meeting schedule and an extension cannot be obtained) – None.

2019/23                Planning Decisions, Appeals, Enforcement and other matters

Members noted the below listed decisions of the LPA:

 19/07384/FUL- 29 Wynsome Street. New Dwelling - Approved with conditions.

 Planning Appeal Notifications

 APP/Y30940/W/19/3229836 – Land east of The Poplars Residential Park, Poplar Tree Lane, Southwick – Use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes and the erection of a stable/ Removal of condition 2 on appeal. Cllr Morland spoke to the item, reporting that 3 appeals were being dealt with together and were supported by vast amounts of documents. It was noted that the Parish Council had not submitted any comments to Wiltshire Council during the original consultation and members therefore considered submitting a comment to the Planning Inspectorate.

 Following debate, it was resolved to lodge an objection with the Planning Inspectorate.  It was agreed that Cllr Eaton would prepare a list of the objections and the clerk would prepare a draft letter to the Planning Inspectorate for members to approve via e-governance (proposed Cllr Morland, seconded Cllr Eaton).

 Fairfield Farm, Southwick, Wiltshire – Appeal dismissed.

 Wiltshire Council Housing Site Allocations Plan – Further Main Modifications (FMM’s)

Members had been provided with information from Wiltshire Council re WHSAP FMM’s and considered whether any response was required. The deadline was confirmed as 25 October 2019.  Cllr Morland reported on the plan as it related to and affected Southwick Court.  Following debate, it was resolved to re-iterate the objection already submitted by the Parish Council, highlighting the imperative of maintaining and protecting the boundary of the parish and to make an additional comment that, if the site allocation went forward, the red line for that development should be drawn no larger than that exactly required to develop the 180 houses allocated.  Members also stated the expectation that, should the development proceed, appropriate s106 and CIL funds would be made available to Southwick Parish Council for infrastructure to mitigate the impact of that development.

2019/24                Community Governance Review

Members had been provided with information from Wiltshire Council regarding the CGR process and considered the application from Trowbridge Town Council relating to land in the parish of Southwick.

 Members noted, as part of the discussion, recommendations from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Cllr Eaton spoke to meetings which had been held with North Bradley and West Ashton Parish Councils, confirming the plans for joint approach in objecting to the proposals from Trowbridge Town Council (TTC).

 Following debate, the following items were resolved:

 1)    That Southwick Parish Council formally opposed TTC’s CGR request (proposed Cllr Eaton, seconded Cllr Boorman).

2)    That Southwick Parish Council should continue to work in association with the other three Parish Council’s affected, proposing the reinstatement of the Parish Council’s Liaison Group (PCLG) (proposed Cllr Eaton, seconded Cllr Noble). 

3)    That Southwick Parish Council should adopt the same approach taken by West Ashton PC, namely to initiate a CGR of its own to cover areas parallel to Southwick Court and an area of Church Lane as per the attached map (proposed Cllr Eaton, seconded Cllr Boorman).

 The Clerk would write to Wiltshire Council accordingly and Cllr Eaton undertook to liaise with West Ashton Parish Council regarding the reinstatement of the PCLG.

2019/25                Finance

a)     Members noted the Financial Position Statement, which had been previously circulated.

b)    The Clerk reported that the Council’s accounting system was now up and running and had been rebuilt from April 2019.  The Clerk was now working on identifying the budget which had been set for the year and would report back to the November meeting.

c)     Members approved payments as below listed (proposed Cllr Jackson, seconded Cllr McCaw):





Chq no

Nicola Duke

Salary September 2019




PAYE September 2019




Grass cutting x 3



Doveton Press

Parish magazine



XYZ Web Ltd

Website work PC and NPSG



Thumbnail Media

Leaflet printing Neighbourhood Plan



Microshade Business

IT hosting and set up



W J Fox

Honorarium and Expenses– Village News.



Southwick Primary School

Donation for hall hire (NPSG)


Awaiting new chq book

2019/26                Governance Documents

Members had been provided with following NALC model documents, which were considered for tailoring and adoption for the Parish Council:

a)   Standing Orders

b)  Financial Regulations

Following debate, it was agreed that the Clerk would tailor the documents for the Parish Council and refer back to the Council in November for members’ input.

2019/27                Project Plan

Members received and noted an update on the below items (having previously been identified as priority work for completion over the next three months by the Parish Clerk):

 a)  Review of Governance Documents – listed as an agenda item for October

b) Review of policies and procedures including Risk Assessments – Scheduled for completion in November

c)   Review of accounts and establishment of accounting system - Complete

d)  Identification of earmarked funds within PC accounts – Commenced

e)  Review of filing and archiving - Commenced

f)    Review of electronic files and filing - Commenced 

g)   Website management – Not yet started

2019/28                Correspondence

To receive any additional items of correspondence – None.

2019/29                Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr J Eaton had circulated the minutes of the meeting of the Steering Group held on 5th October 2019, copies of which were also tabled.  He reported on the information event which had been held over the weekend of 12/13 October at Southwick Primary School Hall.  He reported that the event had been very successful and had been very well attended by approx. 200 members of the public.  He recorded his thanks to those who had been involved in arranging the weekend and it was agreed that he would provide a list of names to the Clerk so that a formal thank you from the PC could be arranged.

2019/30                Councillor reports

Cllr Pomeroy – reminded members that the PC needed to order a wreath for the Remembrance Day service.  Cllr Noble reported that she would order the wreath and attend the service in her capacity as Chair of the PC.

 Cllr Morland – asked whether there had been any progress in getting copies of the enforcement notices referred to in Cllr Prickett’s report.  The Clerk would liaise with Cllr Prickett to obtain copies.


Date of next meeting

Tuesday 19th November 2019.


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.30 pm.


Signed – Chairman, Southwick Parish Council

Date of approval and adoption– 19th November 2019


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