Minutes Extraordinary PC meeting 13th July 2017 @ 20 Jul 2017


Chairman – Daniel Jackson

Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall, Southwick at 7.pm on Thursday 13th July 2017.

Present – Cllr. D. Jackson (Chairman), Cllr. S. Carey, Cllr. L Weeks, Cllr. K Noble, Cllr. J Jones, Cllr. T Pomeroy, Cllr. B Sampson, Cllr. J Eaton, Cllr. F Morland.

Peter White (Parish Clerk)

1447 Welcome & Introductions: The Chairman welcome David King to the meeting via video link.

1448 Apologies: Cllr. T. Curry, Cllr. G Clayton

1449  Neighbourhood Plan Presentation

Councillors received a presentation from David King – Rural Planning Consultant.

The key features of a Neighbourhood Plan were explained as;

1450  Decision to Proceed with the production of a Neighbourhood Plan

A decision was taken to proceed with the ‘procurement’ of a Neighbourhood Plan.

8 in favour, 0 dissent, 1 abstain.

The Parish Clerk was requested to obtain 3 firm price quotes from Rural Planning consultants for Project Management and production of a Neighbourhood Plan.

1451  Election of Leader of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party

Cllr. Eaton was elected to be the lead of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party on a vote of 6 in favour, 1 against.

Cllr Jones was duly inducted onto the Working Party.

1452 Funding for Neighbourhood Plan

Parish Clerk tasked to make a funding application to my community to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

1453 Neighbourhood Plan added to Ordinary Meeting Agendas

Parish Clerk to add Neighbourhood Plan Working Party written progress reports as a standing agenda item for Ordinary Meetings.

1454 Finance

Payments agreed for

Mr B Samson £388.99 (re-imbursement of cost for Parish laptop and software procurement)

Mr P White £146.00 (clerk salary for June 2017 and Expenses £22.16)

1455 Closing Remarks

The Chair thanked all attendees and Mr King for his presentation and Q + A session.


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