steering group minutes 16th oct 17 @ 29 Mar 2018

Southwick Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Meeting

16 October 2017 - Minutes and Actions.

Venue: 13 Blind Lane. 7:30pm

Present: Barbara Johnson (Host), Sonia Sansom, Alison Jackson, Joan Jones, Peter White, John Eaton (Chair).

Apologies: Len Weeks, Jan Player.

1) Minutes from previous meeting: Agreed and signed off.

2) Scoping Research - Source Data: All members reported issues with obtaining access to reliable source data. John reported that Pete had recently provided some useful links and would share these. John also stated that he had reached out to various groups including ONS and WC to obtain information and that these enquiries were ongoing. Other points of reference suggested during the meeting were Kew Gardens - National Archive and


3) Link Officer: Appears to still be absent/unattainable. Action:  John to send note to Goergina Clampit – Dix (Done).

4) Housing Needs Survey:

Overall anticipated workload should be much reduced now WC has confirmed that reply paid envelops will be provided and that collection of the forms will not be necessary by Steering.

The question still remains though, as to whether or not to deliver the General Questionnaire at the same time or sequential to the Housing Needs Survey. More thought required on this and on overall co-ordintaion.


5) Questionnaire:

It was acknowledged that Pete was probably best qualified to take ownership of the Questionnaire going forward.


repository post Half Term hols. 

6) Wiltshire Times - John confirmed that WT were aware of Southwick’s NP and had agreed to provide coverage and exposure.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 7th Nov at Sonia’s, 19 Blind Lane (provisional arrangement).

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