steering group minutes 28th nov 17 @ 29 Mar 2018

Southwick Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Meeting

28 November 2017 - Minutes and Actions.

Venue: 13 Blind Lane. 7:30pm.

Present: Cllr Joan Jones, Alison Jackson, Jan Player, Barbara Johnson, Cllr Len Weeks, Cllr John Eaton (chair).

1) Thanks:

John thanked Barbara and Bill for hosting the meeting.

2) Minutes from Previous Meeting: Agreed and signed off.

3) Topics Discussed:

Members were saddened to hear from Sonia that she no longer felt able to continue as a member of the Steering Committee due to the pressure of numerous other commitments. 

4) Scoping Research and maps.

Scoping Research to be completed as soon as possible and forwarded to David King By 21st December 2017.  Joan to follow up maps from Wiltshire Council.

5) Redrow Appeal.

The Redrow Appeal seemed based on their insistence that Wiltshire Council do not have a feasible Five Year Plan.  The Five Year Plan was discussed and it was decided by Steering that a plan was in place.  Most agreed that of the three developments facing us the Southwick Court proposal, although there are negatives, was the best option in terms of location near to Trowbridge, services, schools, shops, Healthcare facilities etc.

6) Housing Needs Surveys.

It was confirmed that all Housing Needs Surveys had been delivered and surgeries had been advertised at Baptist Chapel each Saturday morning. We are now reliant on Wiltshire Council processing the completed surveys in a timely manner to ensure the report is delivered on time.  Joan to speak to Sonia Burgess to ask when she expects to finish the analysis of the Housing Needs Surveys – hopefully by mid January.

7) Landscape Report.

This is an exercise by John and David to ensure a GREEN BUFFER zone to protect an area of land between Trowbridge and any development at Southwick Court. This buffer would also extend to include North Bradley.

8) Neighbourhood Plan Webpages.

These are to be found on the Parish Council and SRA Websites. Article to be published regarding the Benefits of the plan BY 21 DECEMBER

9) Site Selection Report.

David King is to begin the Site Selection Reports as soon as possible. David is to create site survey forms for all 8 SHELAA sites.  After a training Skype meeting with David King, Steering group to carry out site survey using his forms.  Completed forms back to David BY END JANUARY 2018

10) Community Engagement Questionnaire.

 Questionnaires need to be delivered to villagers to ask for their views.  Some major logistical organisation required.

Housing needs report to David by end Jan if Wiltshire Council has it ready by then.

11) Development Site Suggestions.

Steering Group members to investigate all possible building sites – empty houses, brownfield sites, scrubland etc.

12) New Steering Group members who have small businesses.

All to seek new Scoping group members who have small businesses, Group suggestions – Keith Snell and family members, Electrician and SRA member living in Blind Lane, Nigel Pearce, Derek Corbyn, Builder and others. Members to ask other individuals who may be interest in joining the Steering Group.

13) Heavy Freight Traffic.

Group discussed the possibility of further aggregate lorries passing through Southwick if the proposed Tarmac development in Westbury goes ahead.

14) CPRE to hold meeting at Baptist Hall on Monday 4th Dec. At 5-8pm.

15) Meeting closed at 10. 15pm.

16) Date and time of next meeting to be decided.

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