steering group minutes 10th apr 2018 @ 29 Apr 2018

Southwick Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Meeting

10 April 2018 - Minutes and Actions.

Venue: 13 Blind Lane. 7:30pm

Present: Barbara Johnson (Host), Phil Harcourt, Alison Jackson, Joan Jones, Tim Edwards, Jan Player, John Eaton (Chair).

Apologies: Peter White, Janice Heatherwick.

1) Minutes from previous meeting: Agreed and signed off.

2) Consultation Engagement Process:

All Steering Group members present extremely disappointed by the delay inflicted due to outcomes from the March SPC meeting.

Overwhelming risk is that we have now missed the ideal window to start Consultation Engagement. The process will now likely bump into the August annual holiday season.

 The Steering Group resolved to:

Month/early next.

Edition of the Village Newsletter

Completed Questionnaire’s have been received back. 

Action:  John to engage the new SPC Clerk and request an agenda item at the next SPC meeting. The Steering Group need the Parish Council’s acceptance that the Steering Group will commence Consultation Engagement in April.

Also required on the agenda is the need to draw a cheque payable to Groundwork’s as per email communications to the SPC Chair

3) Display Equipment: We need to gain access to display board equipment to support our Consultation and Pre-Consultation Events.

Action: Joan to contact Wiltshire Council.

4) Site Landowners: We will need to formally engage all the landowners for the sites in the SSR. Initially we will need to write to each.

Action: Joan to contact Wiltshire Council

5) Site of Air Quality Monitor – some sterling work between Barbara Johnson and Horace Prickett has resulted in a Nitrogen Dioxide monitor being located near the roundabout in Wynsome Street.

Meeting closed 10:00pm

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 24th April at 13 Blind Lane.

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