Annual Parish meeting 2018 @ 30 May 2018

                                 SOUTHWICK PARISH COUNCIL

Draft.   Minutes of the Southwick Parish – Annual Parish/Village Meeting held on Tuesday

15th May, 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.


Cllr. D. Jackson, Cllr. G. Clayton, Cllr. T. Curry, Cllr. K. Noble, Cllr. E. Pomeroy.

 3 members of the public.

 1604 Welcome/Apologies

The Chairman, Cllr. D. Jackson welcomed everyone to the Meeting.

Apologies for absence received from Cllr. S. Carey, Wiltshire Councillor Mr. H Prickett,

and PCSO Melissa Glover.

1605 Minutes of the Annual Parish Meting held on the 16th May 2017.

Signing of the Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 16th May 2017 deferred

to the Parish Council Annual Meeting to be held at 7.30pm due to insufficient members.

1606 Annual Report of the Parish Council.

During the year we have held twelve monthly and five extraordinary meetings.  We received

twenty six Planning Applications.

No election in May as we only had eleven people nominated and Southwick Parish Council’s

full council is eleven.

In June we agreed to go ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr. John Eaton agreed to form and

lead the Steering Group. To assist with this we hired a consultant – Mr. D. King.

We have had three resignations – Ben Sansom, Joan Jones and Len Weeks, my thanks to them.

Currently we are going through the legal process to appoint new councillors.

Despite several trial periods we still do not have a Parish Clerk.

Thanks to John Fox for doing an excellent job as Editor of the Southwick Village News, and to

my fellow Councillors for their support during the year.

Cllr. D. Jackson.

1607 Statement on the Parish Council Accounts for year ending 31st March, 2018.

Letter from the Internal Auditor, who has completed our Accounts for the year ended

31st March 2018, read to the Meeting. PKF have been appointed External Auditors this

Year and will receive our Annual Return.

1608 Wiltshire Council Report

No report due to the absence of Cllr. Prickett.

1609 Community Policing Team

No report due to the absence of PCSO Melissa Glover.

1610 Southwick Playing Field Report 2018.

During the past year the Committee which has continued to meet on Thursdays has had 5 meetings all of which has had reasonable attendance.  Once again the provision of well maintained play equipment has been given top priority and this has included work being carried out by the

“Ministry of Play” which has included repairs to the safety surfaces. To comply with new

Regulations a notice board has been purchased and installed and this now contains all the

Committee members’ names.

Thanks to Mr. Rowe for supplying new hedging plants for the Southfield hedge and to Mr.Aland and

Mr. Laing who did the planting, Thanks also to Mr. Doel for removing two dead trees and

also the removal of the Poplar branches which had been cut off by the committee.

Once again the continued lack of responsibility by some dog owners, has caused concern for

not only the committee but also some of the villagers.  Due to the very bad weather and also the heavy clay soil many football matches have had to be cancelled and this has resulted in the

in the decision to only have one game each Sunday morning and no afternoon games.  The

square has also come in for some of the wet conditions with some weeks The Bee Hive Cricket

team unable to fulfil their fixtures.

Southwick Show continues to use the field on August Bank Holiday Monday along with several

other smaller events.

Grass cutting has again been carried out by Richard Dent, hedge cutting by Jackson &Sons,

Line marking by Dave Haines and some work by J.L. Pethers.  Thanks must go our regular helpers

for their continued support and also to Southwick Parish Council for their financial assistance.

Finally as Chairman I must thank all the committee for their help and support and also the small

band of villagers who help from time to time when needed so that between us all we try to ensure that the field which is our war memorial remains an asset for everyone.

E. G. Pomeroy – Chairman – Southwick Playing Field Management Committee.

1611 Southwick Village Hall Chairman’s Report

The hall opened in 1973.  With very few exceptions I have been writing the Chair’s Report since 1975.  Looking back over previous years, steady progress has been made, particularly since 1989 when the major extension, with the first floor licensed to the Sport and Social Club, was completed.

In common with voluntary committees elsewhere it has now become increasingly difficult to find

new trustees to enable the requirements of our Trust Deed,  the governing instrument to be met.

We are currently down to five members; in 1975 when I first became chair we had sixteen!  During

the year we welcomed Len Weeks, representing the Parish Council, to the committee.

In my report last year I very much regretted the resignation of Brian Johnson  who had been

An exemplary treasurer.  This year I am delighted to report that, after due consideration, Brian

Relented and has continued in office and prepared the Accounts for this meeting.  I’ve had the

advantage of a pre-view of them and, as he has reported, they reveal a satisfactory financial


During the year, the folding partitions between the hall and annexe were replaced by ones of a

higher specification and double glazed windows replaced the metal framed ones.  These essential

works were funded by community provisions from Southwick’s solar park developers.

The Social Club, a totally separate legal entity, continues to make a major contribution to the hall’s

well being and has funded improvements to the fabric of the building which, strictly speaking, should be “hall financed”.

Over the last two years one of the officers, me, although chairing the meetings, has been somewhat

underemployed in his office, and continues to be especially grateful for the prodigious work of Kath-

 Secretary, Letting Secretary, Minute Secretary and to Brian our Treasurer for their splendid work

benefitting the community.

Roy Butt – Chairman

1612 Resolutions of which Written Notice has been given.

No resolutions received.

1613 Matters Raised.

 Mr. Lane – Please can the Council inform the meeting as to the latest developments on the parking issues in Church Street.  Cllr. Prickett is speaking with Kirstie Rose, CATG member, to see if it is possible to have yellow lines on the junction between ChurchStreet/Wynsome Street.  Southwick

Parish Council support this proposal.

1614 Close.

There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance

and declared the Meeting closed at 7.21pm.

Signed                                                            Chairperson.

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