Steering group minutes 22nd may 2018 @ 04 Jun 2018

Southwick Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Meeting

22nd May 2018 - Minutes and Actions.

Venue: 13 Blind Lane. 7:30pm

Present: Barbara Johnson (Host), Alison Jackson, Joan Jones, Jan Player, Tim Edwards, Phil Harcourt, Janice Heatherwick.  John Eaton (Chair).

Apologies:  None received.

  1. Minutes from previous meeting: Agreed and signed off.
  2. Outcomes of Pre-Consultation Show & Tell: Overall consensus was that the level of turnout at this public event was disappointing. Future responses by the community will need to be much improved.
  3. Progress with Questionnaire printing.  John suggested that Steering demonstrate enough paper Questionnaires have been made available for the entire electorate of Southwick. All agreed to have 1500 Questionnaire booklets printed by Thumbnail Media at the bargain cost of 50p each.
  4. Consultation Engagement Process: All reviewed the proposed timeline drafted by the Chair. The Steering Group resolved the following:

Friday 25th to Monday 28th May – Distribute paper Questionnaire to all households in Southwick. John confirmed that a good-sized team (around 15 number in total) of volunteers was emerging from members of SRA to help with delivering Questionnaires.

All discussed the merits of a follow up ‘door knocking’ engagement exercise to ensure that we get as many Questionnaires completed as we possible can. All thought that it was a good idea but more discussion/planning required by Steering on this.

John also confirmed that articles had been submitted to Wiltshire Times (both paper & web based) and to Village News that fully outline the Consultation Engagement process.

Friday 1st June- Consultation Engagement begins.

Friday 15th- Sunday 17th June- Host Consultation Events at the Baptist Chapel

John confirmed that the Baptist Hall had been booked and that Jacky would let Joan have a set of keys in readiness of the Consultation Events.

Friday 22nd June- Three-week consultation Engagement ends.

Meeting closed 9:15pm

Date of Next Meeting: To be confirmed

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