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Southwick Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held on

 Tuesday 19th March 2019 7.30PM.

The Village Hall, Southwick Wiltshire

Present: - Chairman Cllr. K. Noble, Vice Chairman Cllr. D. Jackson,


Cllr. E. Pomeroy

Wiltshire Councillor – Cllr. H. Prickett

Open Forum

Mrs. Hibbert spoke concerning planning application 19/01514/FUL.

Five members of the public attended.

Health and safety The regulations were stated in case of emergency.

27/19 Apologies for absence received from Cllr. B. Pitney,

Cllr. G. Clayton, Cllr. F. Morland.

28/19 Declarations of interest. None declared.

29/19 Minutes

The Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Meeting of the 29th January 2019 were approved and signed.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the19th February 2019 were approved and signed.

Motion to adjourn

30/19 Wiltshire Council Report by Cllr Horace Prickett

Topics noted by members: -

The WC Special Schools report Comments closing by 26th March for WC Cabinet to consider./Polar Tree lane Enforcement notices are being completed and served./The Area Board will meet on 9th May at &.00pm at County Hall./The next CATG meeting will be held on the 4th April at 10.00am at County Hall./An abandoned car in Chantry Gardens and how long it had taken to try and resolve the matter with WC./Boundary issues were discussed and WC proposals/WC Housing allocation programme and its timetable of implementation./A full report on these topics was presented to the Parish Council.

Motion to reconvene

31/19 Highways/Enviroment

           Concern was expressed by members relating to the traffic flow around

           the school at drop off and pick up times. It was resolved to consult with

           Wiltshire Council (Kirsty Rose) for assistance in how this traffic might be

           regulated to the benefit of all school users and local res idents.

           The continuing parking problems were discussed concerning Church St.

 and the Clerk was asked to contact Wiltshire Council to consider a WR/then WR/2 and take advice from the WC officer Ms Kirsty Rose.

32/19(A)  Planning Applications

Application for Full Planning  Ref:19/01932/FUL /SUPPORTED

Proposal :-  First floor extensions over garage and utility/study to front and side of existing house.

At:18C School Lane, Meadowbank, Frome Road, Southwick, BA14 9QF

Applicant and Address: Mr K Harrild 18C School Lane Meadowbank Frome Road Southwick BA14 9QF


Application For Full Planning Ref:19/02181/FUL/SUPPORTED     

Proposal:-  Erection of garage workshop and garden room, rebuild existing conservatory and kitchen extension.

At:   17 Frome Road, Southwick, BA14 9QE

Applicant and Address: Mr & Mrs J Penny 17 Frome Road, Southwick,

Application For Full Planning Ref:19/02417/FUL/SUPPORTED

Proposal:-  Single storey extension to rear

At: Cleeve House, 27 Bradley Road, Southwick, Wiltshire, BA14 9RJll

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Application Ref:19/01845/DOC. New Manor Farm/DOC 3, 6, 8 and 9 of planning Application Ref:18/07229/FUL/NO COMMENT

(Conversion of 3 normal buildings and erection of new link to create two dwellings of existing agricultural buildings


Application for Full Planning.Ref:19/01712/FUL/NO COMMENT

Applicant / Mr P Askew 3A reland North Bradley, Trowbridge Wilts BA14 9RW Proposed new Conservatory.


Application for Full Planning Ref:19/0514/FUL/SUPPORTED Paddocks Place, Brokerswood, Wiltshire/ Construction of new dwelling with upgrade and conversion of adjacent Barn as ancillary accommodation to the new dwelling, and demolition of existing building.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Application for Full Planning Ref:19/01487/DOC/NO COMMENT -Wren Farm, Hoggington Lane, Southwick. BA14 9NR.  Discharge of condition 4 Planning Permission16/08614/FUL.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Application Number Ref:19/01259/FUL

Location: 22 Southfield Southwick Wiltshire BA14 9PN /Two storey extension. Decision: Full Planning Approve with Conditions


Application Number Ref:18/11259FUL/

Doric Engineering Dunkirk Business Park Southwick Approved with conditions.


Application Number Ref:19/00602FUL/

7 Blind Lane Southwick Approved with conditions



Appeal Ref: APP/Y3940/W/18/3212168/NO COMMENT Wren Farm, Hoggington Lane, Southwick, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 9NR The

appeal is made under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 against a refusal to grant planning permission. The appeal is made by Messrs Pearce, Melillo, McClurg, Bedford and Perkins against the decision of Wiltshire Council. The application Ref 18/05825/FUL, dated 15 June 2018, was refused by notice dated 10 August 2018. The development proposed is the demolition of poultry sheds and associated agricultural buildings and the erection of three dwellings with access, parking, garaging and landscaping similar to approved consent

Ref:16/08614/FUL. Decision 1. The appeal is dismissed.


Number Three, Church Street, Southwick

Members were concerned about the developments at Number One, Church St. Southwick and the possibility of the non-compliance with planning permission regulations. The Clerk was instructed to gain further information for consideration by the Parish Council.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------33/19 FINANCE.

Business Bank Account balance as of 11th February 2019 £38,924.44p

Treasurers’ Bank Account balance as of 11th February 2019 £5,833.96p

To review and authorise payments as follows which were all approved and paid :-

XYZWeb (G.A. Edwards) Website services £104.00p

K Noble Postage Account £4.02p

Clerks salary £395.00p

Office expenses £10.80p

Fowlers Planning Consultancy Fees and expenses £3,150.00 inc vat


34/19 NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNING/ Steering group report. The Steering Group Committee Report was given by Cllr. J .Eaton. Now that the new planning consultant was in place it is hoped to progress

things to the next stage and engage residents in the process through a public meeting. It was resolved that Cllr. McCaw would no longer sit on the Steering Group in the role of Accounts and Administration member but would remain as a Parish Council observer. New members to assist the committee were being sort from within the council and any local residents wishing to join the work of the Steering Group committee.

Cllr. J. Eaton was in touch with a number of individuals, and confirmation was sort of their possible involvement.


35/19 Website

           The Parish Council wished to thank Cllr. B. Pitney for his work

            concerning the website and its re-establishment as a very necessary

            communications link for the Parish Council to the community.


 36/19 IT facilities and equipment

 The Council resolved that Cllr. J. Eaton’s request to reassess the IT

 equipment of the Council is not to purchase any computer renewals

 and the parish computer as it is, will suffice. I was also was further

 resolved that this IT assessment topic would be visited annually.


37/19 The Parish Clerks Report

Items noted by members as follows:-

Provision of free RSPCA services for cat neutering surgery to pet

owners in Southwick up to 30th April 2019. Posters provided./

Scouts correspondence concerning a payment to The Parish Council

The Clerk was instructed to receive the payment of £10.00./

Proposed purchase of the ARNOLD BAKER Local administration 11th Ed., Handbook £129.99p. This purchase was agreed by the Parish Council a cheque in payment will be raised at the next meeting./

The creation of The Register of Interests by members and their partners was in-hand the Clerk will distribute forms to be completed for publication on the new Parish website. This is a statuary requirement under law and must be complied with in substance and detail. Failure to comply in full could lead to possible range serious consequences.


38/19 Part two The Clerks Review, salary, contract and role this was conducted by Cllr. K. Noble, Chairman, Cllr. J. Easton and Cllr. T. Curry.

Cllr. J. Eaton will draft the proposed Clerks contract of employment


Signed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------




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