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Southwick Parish Council

The Village Hall, Southwick Wiltshire


of the meeting held on the 21st May 2019 at 8.00pm.

HEALTH AND SAFETY/ Directions were given by the Chairman.

OPEN FORUM No representations from residents. Members of the public attending; seven were in attendance.

MEMBERS PRESENT/ Cllr. K. Noble Chairman, Cllr D. Jackson,

Cllr. T. Curry, Cllr. C. McCaw, Cllr. S. Carey, Cllr. J. Eaton,

Cllr. F. Morland, (part time), Cllr. E. Pomeroy.

The Parish Clerk Steven F. King.

APOLOGIES/ Cllr. B. Pitney, Cllr. G Clayton, WC/Cllr. H. Prickett


Cllr. D. Jackson declared an interest in item eight.


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 16th April 2019/Approved

47/19 Motion to adjourn


Wiltshire Councillor Mr. H. Prickett who was not present but submitted a report which is highlighted here.

1.100 Frome Road

The officer dealing with the prosecution of 100 Frome Road has provided a redacted update on the progress made to date.  The occupier has not complied with the court orders issued against him and further prosecutions are to be proceeded with shortly. 

2. 5 Popular Tree Lane

Proceedings are to be progressed shortly against the occupiers/tenants in residence. I am told that the clerk has already had an update from the enforcement team.

3.Chantry Gardens pavements remedial works. Some of these are quite minor and should be dealt with by the parish steward, on the direction of the parish council of course, whilst others needed more heavier work. I asked that you provide details of the heavier work that can be passed to CATG for attention.  I have not yet received this information.

4.I have been in touch with Pat Whyte regarding the recent demolition (again!) of the eastern village gateway entrance on the Frome Road A361 He proposes to take up the idea of black and white reflectors and the movement back of the sign.  I have spoken to Kirsty who says that she has no issues with it moving. Members agreed this proposal but wanted to retain the actual stone sign that was hit if it can be found.

48/19 Motion to re-convene.


PCSO 6337 Mat TILL Our new community officer gave no report. The clerk will be in contact with the PCSO Officer.

50/19 HIGHWAYS/ENVIRONMENT. To receive reports from Councillors on matters of concern and to decide what actions to take.

SOUTHWICK COUNTRY PARK Saturday parking chaos (for the Park Run early every Saturday morning) was discussed and it was resolved the Council should request urgent and pertinent resolution of the dangerous parking by runners using the park. The clerk was instructed to write to The Chief Constable and The Police commissioner on this matter. It was noted that the Council had requested a solution to this situation on many occasions over the years.





Resolved with no comment. Alter design and layout of houses and garages

19/03813/VAR Wren Farm Hoggington Lane Southwick

ACTION / Resolved by members with no comment.





Application For Full Planning Ref: 19/02181/FUL Garage/Workshop/Garden room/Conservatory/kitchen extension. Mr J Penny,17Frome Rd, Southwick

Dec: Approved with conditions.

Application -19/01845/DOC.  Mr Slade, New Manor Farm/DOC 3, 6, 8 and 9 of planning application\18/07229/FUL (Conversion of 3 normal buildings and erection of new link to create two dwellings of existing agricultural buildings

Dec: Approved with conditions.

Application 19/02417/FUL/Cleeve House 27Bradley Rd Southwick BA14 9RV

Single storey extension to rear

Dec: Approved with conditions.

Application for Full Planning 19/01514/FUL. Paddocks Place, Brokerswood, Wiltshire Construction of new dwelling with upgrade & conversion of adjacent BARN AS ANCILLARY ACCOMODATION to the new dwelling, & demolition of existing building. Dec: Refused

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------C) OTHER PLANNING MATTERS

Update on Poplar Tree Lane enforcement orders which are still under consideration.

Clerk then advised with correspondence that demonstrated Wiltshire Council

had opened a file and were considering all aspects of the application.

51/19 FINANCE.

Treasurers Account (7648) - £2,920.64 on 30th April 2019Business Bank Instant (5390) - £50,127.24 on 25th April 2019

To review and authorise payments as follows: -

XYZWeb ( G.A. Edwards) Website services £39.00

Green Acres £282.68

W. Fox Honorarium £56.06

WALC Training Books for all members £23.97

Approved administration charges as per the attached

appendix for members £446.67

All payments were authorised.



Cllr. J. Eaton to provide a detailed progress report and financial statement of the last meeting of the Steering Group and progress on the Public Consultation Event. Cllr. Eaton gave details of the display and hoped that members would all attend, no charges were needed for the display panels or literature. Cllr. Eaton thanked the volunteer steering group for their hard work on making this display event potentially such a success.

The sum of £825.00 is to be returned to Groundworks for the end of financial reconciliation of the grant.


Councillors to identify any matters of concern. Councillors to decide if any action needs to be taken.


Completion of the declaration statements for Wiltshire Council are required by the Chairman as per the notes given to some members. Cllr Morland refused to comply with the Chairman’s wishes for the completion of declaration forms saying that these forms did not apply to Parish Councils. Further clarification is needed.

Purchased / ARNOLD BAKER Local administration 11th Ed., Handbook £ received and available to all members to read and understand the changing rules that are starting to change the format and workings of Parish Councils.

The Clerk attended training at WALC for one day facilitating some updates on our procedures and legal requirements.

The Clerk has progressed with the year-end accounts. VAT recovery via Goodling’s Accountants.

The Annual audit to PKF. There are some amounts of monies held for other organisations the amounts are to be provided by the Chairman, (these are accounts prior to my appointment.) This reconciliation is required prior to the annual audit submission and the ongoing budget predictions and spending by the Council.

The Risk register is available also, the Assets register for inclusion within the PKF Audit.

Selwood Housing Update on fence repairs for their properties were advised to members that the work should be completed by the middle

of June.

Members requested that the Minutes should be sent out with the agenda each month.

The meeting concluded at 9.40pm



ON TUESDAY 18th JUNE at 7.30pm




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