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Minutes of the meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village Hall,

 Southwick at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20th February, 2018.

Councillors Present -  Cllrs. D. Jackson (Chairman) S. Carey, G. Clayton, T. Curry,

J. Eaton, J. Jones, K. Noble, L. Weeks.

Wiltshire Councillor - Mr. H. Prickett.

24 members of the public were present.


1561 Welcome and Introductions.

 The Chairman opened the Meeting at 7.30pm and welcomed those present.

1562 Apologies.

 Apologies for absence received from Cllr. E. Pomeroy and Cllr. F. Morland.

1563 Declarations of Interest.

Cllr. L. Weeks regarding letter written by his wife to the Council.

1564 Community Policing Team.

PCSO Melissa Glover introduced herself and reported on her new role.

Crime was very low for this area reporting 1 x vehicle incident, 1 x vehicle

break in where tools were stolen, 2 x domestic violence and 2 x theft.

Warning  Bicycle/motorcycle theft  is on the increase, check insurance

policies and make a note of serial numbers.  Mark your valuables.

 Motion to adjourn.

Open forum.

 Mr. Greatwood - again requested answers to his previous questions regarding the

 cost of the Neighbourhood Plan.

 Cllr. Eaton confirmed that to date this Plan has not cost Southwick residents nything

 due to Grant funding.

 Mr. Johnson - raised concern regarding the Neighbourhood Plan and the lack of

 of financial backing from the Parish Council.

 Mr. Edwards - Concern of the lack of support from the Parish Council in relation to

 opposing large scale developments. Cllr. Noble explained that the Council had greed

 no large developments should take place in the Village.

 Cllr. Carey explained that the Open Forum was not a question and answer session.

 Mrs. Eaton requested that copies of the Agenda be available to the public attending


 Mr. Jones requested a public meeting for concerned villagers.

Mr. Greatwood and Mr. Johnson both questioned the “training” that had been

forced on the Council.  Southwick were requested by the Monitoring Officer to

undertake this training following Code of Conduct breaches.

Motion to Reconvene

1565 Minutes

Cllr. Eaton stated that the Minutes of the 16th January, 2018 regarding the Open forum

did not mention Mr. Greatwood’s comments regarding   Code of Conduct charges.

Cllrs. Carey and Noble proposed that we adjourned the Meeting to allow Mr.Greatwood to explain.  The Council declined the proposal.

The P.C. resolved that the Minutes of the Meeting held on the 16th January, 2018 were

a true record and the Chairman signed the Minutes.

The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 5th December, 2017 still to be signed.

Motion to adjourn.

1566 Wiltshire Councillor Report.

Cllr. Prickett reported that the parking in Church Street was getting worse, several visits

had been made and talks with Greensquare had taken place. PCSO Melissa Glover was

asked to keep an eye on the situation.

Subsidised bus services information now available.

Increased car parking charges are now in place.  Free spaces still under negotiation.

Proposed parking fees at Southwick Country Park reduced from 80p to 20p per hour

effective from September 2018.

Motion to reconvene

1567 Highways/Environment

Goose Street - potholes not deep enough to warrant repair.

Mrs. Weeks wrote a letter requesting that the Parish Steward does not spray weed

killer on her plants.  Cllr. Noble to contact the Parish Steward.

1568 Planning

 a)  New Applications

18/00984/PNCOU - New Manor Farm, Hoggington Lane. Proposed conversion of

agricultural buildings to create three dwelling.  The Council resolved to make No Comment

on this application.

18/00236/OHL - Brokerswood Road - Upgrade from two to three wire lines.  The Council

resolved to Support.

18/00091 - 66 Frome Road - Single storey side and rear extension.  The Council resolved

No objection.

b)   Decisions

17/12274/FUL - Church Farm Brokerswood - Refused

17/03269/OUT - Wynsome Street - Gladman - Refused

c) Other planning matters.

16/12279 /OUT - Redrow Homes - Appeal withdrawn.

1568 Finance.

The current financial position as of 31st January, 2018

Business Account balance 29th December 2017                £27,537.01

Receipts -  Groundworks U.K.                                                 £ 4,384.00

Interest                                                                                                  1.11

HMRC - VAT refund                                                                 £ 3,340.46              £35,262.58

Treasurer’s Account balance                                                                                  £ 3,804.77

Total Funds held 31st January, 2018                                                                    £39,067.35

To review and authorise the following payments.

 Cheque No. 001536 - S. Cope - Clerks Salary £107.50

 Cheque No. 001537 - XYZ. G. Edwards - Website £13.00

 Cheque No. 001538 - W.J. Fox - Honorarium & Expenses £53.92

 The Council resolved to pay these accounts.

Funding for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr. Eaton explained that grant funding  covered 75% of the cost of creating the plan.

An additional £6,000 was required from the Parish Council over the next year to complete

the project.  With the precept agreed £3,000 Cllr. Eaton requested  a further £3,000 from

Parish Council reserves be ring-fenced for Neighbourhood Planning purposes. Six Councillors

voted in favour, Councillors Carey and Noble abstained.

1569 Neighbourhood Planning

Cllr. Eaton explained that the Site Survey and Housing Needs Survey reports were backs and

being worked on by the members of the Steering Group. Out of 903 houses in the village

325 had completed the survey.

Cllr. Carey requested a breakdown of what had been completed on the plan so far as the

Parish Council is accountable for the money spent.  Cllr. Noble has spoken to Wiltshire

Council and they suggested no further payments be made until this was provided.

Cllr. Eaton explained that the Parish Council had entered into a two year contract with

the Consultant  and if payments were delayed the Council could be in breach of contract.

Cllr. Eaton requested that the Housing Needs Survey review be added to the agenda for

the next meeting.

1570 Casual Vacancy - Parish Councillor.

No applications received to date.

1571 Village Caretaker.

Cllr. Carey provided an advert for the role. Advert to be put in Southwick Village News.

 1572 Correspondence.

Grant request from the Baptist Church to assist with the purchase of a game of Kurling

for use by the No Limits Group.  It was resolved to make a grant of £250.00.

Mrs. Weeks letter. Cllr. Noble to speak with the Parish Steward.

N.A.L.C  - Data Protection Guidelines.

1573 Appointment of Parish Clerk.

Agreed to advertise with W.A.L.C.

Interview Panel - Cllrs. Jackson, Curry and Eaton. Panel to speak with Mr. Culverhouse

 to discuss interim position.

1574 Southwick Village News.

Cllr. Eaton requested that any mention of the Neighbourhood Plan be seen by  him

beforehand as the precept cost have angered residents by the wording used.

Cllr. Carey thought we should be including information on what the Parish Council

had been doing during the past months.     

1575 Members Reports.

Cllr. Noble commented on a document she had in which Cllr. Eaton had mentioned

her. Cllr. Eaton stated that this was a private document and asked why she had a copy.

No further comments made.               

               Date of Next Meeting     20th March, 2018 at 7.30pm.

               Meeting closed at 21.42.


Chairman - Cllr. D. Jackson.

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